Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Today, after wrapping up the Challenge and Launch with her Profit Mastermind, Stacy wants to dive into all the lessons she learned from that because she really thinks that there are a number of those things that she can share with you. Listen in to find out what Stacy has to share.

Firstly, Stacy learned from going through the launch, that the topic is a much-needed one. She points out that all of this is truly market research for her, because every time someone reacts to the course or says something about it, it helps her to build an even bigger and better program for the next time! She mentions that although there is this phenomenal group of women in her Profit Mastermind, a lot of the people who wanted to get into the Mastermind just didn’t quite feel ready. Their number one objection was that they do not yet have a course. Their big question was: “How can I actually launch if I don’t have a course?”, so they naturally felt like it wasn’t the right time. Listen in now, as Stacy shares her ten steps to successfully pre-selling your launch.


“I would say 90% of the women in the group are creating brand new programs.” At minute 2:44, Stacy talks about women creating something new, that they are launching.

“I believe that you truly can be doing this and launching in ninety days, whether or not you have this course created.” At minute 3:00, Stacy explains what she believes about launching in ninety days.

“The most crucial step out of any of them is Market Research.” From minute 3:30, Stacy explains the importance of doing Market Research.

“I love doing SWOT analysis.” From minute 4:45 Stacy talks about the value in doing a Competitor Analysis to stand out from your competitors.

“How to swim through this just like a sea of ideas?” From minute 6:36, Stacy explains about content overload.

“How to pre-sell your course to not just validate your idea.” From minute 7:30, Stacy talks about building hype about your launch while pre-selling it.

“How to leverage the pre-sell to create this focused course content…” From minute 8:36, Stacy talks about leveraging the pre-sell and getting people to pay for it.

“How to ensure that your course will provide the transformation you envisioned. To offer” From minute 9:22, Stacy talks about how to actually make your envisioned course happen.

“How to best cater to the learning styles that make the experience what it is.” From minute 10:24, Stacy talks about catering to the many different learning styles out there.

“How to set clear expectation and boundaries for your course so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed.” From minute 12:22, Stacy talks about setting boundaries and creating the right expectations.

“How to help your clients track their own transformation, without you getting emotionally attached to the outcome.” From minute 14:10, Stacy explains about emotional attachment and also tools, systems, and processes.

“We are going to be doing a ninety-minute Live Workshop…” From minute 16:56, Stacy talks about her Live Workshop, coming up on the 14th of June.


For Stacy’s Live Workshop on 14th June: bit.ly/creationworkshop

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