How often have you had somebody wanting to pick your brains about some aspect of a business that you really know about? This used to happen to Stacy a lot because she really loves sharing the ups and downs and what’s working and what’s not. She did this until she realized that she was teaching and sharing her experience with other people- and doing it for free! She points out that we are now living in an age where you can access almost anything the second that you jump on Google, Youtube, or Facebook, so today, Stacy asks you why you shouldn’t become one of the resources that other people go to? Listen in as Stacy explains how you can make this happen.

Today, still in the series of Course Creation, Stacy talks about why it’s a really great idea for you to have an online course. Whether or not you have an audience or a list yet, Stacy dives into how you can actually make this happen, when it makes the best sense for you to do this and she gives you three reasons why you really should do this right now and not later. Listen in to find out more.


“Everybody needs to stop being that free coffee date.” From minute 2:30, Stacy urges you to start charging what you’re worth.

“I think number one is the authority.” From minute 3:18, Stacy talks about getting authority through something you’ve created.

“Don’t be afraid of this being a bubble.” From minute 4:26, Stacy assures you about stepping up into the online space.

“You’ve got to always be educating yourself.” From minute 6:24, Stacy explains why you really need to keep educating yourself in the online space.

“As your value increases, and your prices increase, people are going to be begging you to build an online course that’s more DIY.” From minute 7:36, Stacy explains about your increasing value and people affording to work with you.

“As long as you are investing in yourself…” From minute 8:20, Stacy talks about the value of investing in yourself with up to date information.

“Number two, scale-ability.” From minute 8:29, Stacy talks about scaling and sustaining your business.

“The big thing here is results.” From minute 9:57 Stacy explains about ways of helping people to get great results.

“I created a top ten list.” At minute 13:53, Stacy talks about her top ten list.

“One of the things that really helped me grow…” From minute 14:54, Stacy talks about how she implements what she’s learned.

“When you go through a launch and you get your results…” From minute 15:56, Stacy talks about things you could have done better, to get better results.


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