Today’s very special guest is Mary Hyatt, a Personal Life and Business Coach, who really has so much knowledge to share with you. Today, Mary explains how you can learn to love and accept yourself, which is essential for you to attain real success. Listen in as Stacy and Mary dive in deep and explore ways of finding your true perspective and finding your authentic voice.

Mary, who lives in Nashville, first started thinking about the kinds of businesses that she could create after her Dad gave her a book about being an entrepreneur when she was still a little girl. She and her four sisters are all very successful entrepreneurs, with none of them ever having gone to college. Mary thinks that entrepreneurship was instilled in her from watching her Dad start, fail and then start again at many different businesses. Listen in and find out how Mary has evolved through her businesses and became the really successful Coach that she is today.


“I started a Farmer’s Market, in Nashville…” From minute 2:31, Mary talks about her powerful learning experience from the Farmer’s market she started in Nashville.

“I kinda found myself about eight years ago now, where I was about sixty, seventy, eighty pounds heavier.” From minute 3:00, Mary talks about the physical problems she was experiencing about eight years ago.

“So I started using the essential oils, which kinda fast forward, I ended up creating a multi six figure income.” From minute 3:51, Mary explains how the essential oils she that used became a really successful business for her.

“In certain circumstances, it really makes sense to do the college thing.” From minute 5:30, Mary discusses the merits of going to college, for certain people.

“If it’s not obnoxious, it feels really defeating…” From minute 7:25, Mary discusses the challenges people tend to face when trying to keep up with others on social media.

“It became this cycle of putting mask on after mask, after mask.” At minute 9:13, Mary talks about how her own inauthenticity eventually leads her down a really dark road.

“If we aren’t okay with who we are, if we on some really deep level believe that we are broken…” From minute 10:18, Mary explains the really negative results of not believing in yourself.

“Now I feel like I can really pick up on people’s branding.” From minute 12:10, Mary talks about how she’s able to pick up the authenticity (or not) behind people’s branding.

“We have to be able to say, ‘yes this has been really difficult, however,1pm’…” From minute 14:01, Mary talks about allowing people to see your vulnerability, at times.

“The first step is getting curious.” From minute 15:36, Mary offers some ways that you can start to bring out your authenticity.

“I am a walking, breathing, affirmation saying machine!” At minute 20:45, Mary talks about her use of affirmations and their fantastic value in helping you to choose what you want to believe.

“I do a lot of work around body image- I am always focused on how I can accept and love my body more.” From minute 24:36, Mary talks about the importance of developing a positive body image and affirming that you really are lovable from your very essence.


Mary’s website: Mary Hyatt

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