Do you know what Messenger Bots are? Or do you know what it they are, but find them too confusing to use? If so, you will really learn a lot from Stacy this week, because she will be diving deeply into the subject. There is so much that she needs to share with you about Facebook Messenger Bots, that she has to cover it in three videos because she really wants to make sure that she doesn’t confuse you, as it can be very confusing. Listen in today, as Stacy breaks this down, to make it as simple as possible, step by step so that it’s understandable for everybody.

Today’s show is going to be about what Messenger Bots are and also, why should you care? On Wednesday, Stacy will talk about the different ways that you can use them, either paid or free.  On Friday, she will cover five things you should not do when you’re using Messenger Bots, as there are some things that you really need to be very careful about, lest you turn people off. If you think that this is a topic that your client needs to hear, then you should definitely share this out, because it’s really going to be a good one. Stacy loves them because they’re so new and so cutting edge! Listen in now, because Stacy promises that they are actually so easy that many of you could be doing this week already!


“So, first, what is a Messenger Bot?” At minute 2:21, Stacy explains what a messenger boat actually is.

“Just be respectful and make sure that you’re letting people unsubscribe.” At minute 4:05, Stacy cautions you about inadvertently imposing on people.

“Let’s talk about statistics…” From minute 4:40, Stacy discusses some surprising statistics about Messenger Bots.

“I can’t private message every single person that is in my community…” From minute 6:24, Stacy explains the benefits of being able to auto-broadcast to people, to start a conversation.

“What I like about it being so new is too…” From minute 7:22, Stacy explains what she likes about this being so new.

“It’s not about fooling people…” From minute 7:57, Stacy explains some things that people do to show people that they’re not communicating with a real person when using Bots.

“Here’s a couple of things that I really think is going to be great for the future.” From minute 9:36, Stacy talks about some of the really positive things that she sees coming in the future, with Bots.

“I don’t think email marketing is going away, I just think that this is another thing that’s coming in.” From minute 11:16, Stacy shares what she thinks about where Bots are going in the next few months, with marketing.

“Don’t ever put all of your eggs in one basket.” At minute 12:35, Stacy cautions you about what could happen if you put all your eggs into one basket.

“I’ve really now put a lot of time and energy and even bought a course to really educate myself on how to do this.” From minute 14:31, Stacy explains how much effort and energy she’s put into getting to really understand Messenger Bots because it’s really expensive to outsource.

“I want you to sign up for this program called Many Chat.” From minute 16:44, Stacy talks about Many Chat (www.manychat.com ), the program she uses to do all of her Messenger Bots, for only $10 per month.

“The reason that I want you to do it today and not tomorrow…” From minute 17:52, Stacy explains why she wants you to sign up with Many Chat immediately.

“Next week, I’m actually doing a paid training.” From minute 27:52, Stacy talks about her Paid Training for $97 that she’s doing next week, on Tuesday.


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