We're still in the middle of talking about Facebook Messenger Bots. On Monday (Episode 187) Stacy explained about what a Messenger Bot is and also, why you should care. It's really almost like an email auto-responder- like an actual sequence that you can set up and have activated. She points out that eighty to ninety percent of people are opening up your Facebook Messenger Bots, so that's why you definitely want to be thinking about it. Listen in now, to find out more.

Today, we're talking about two ways to do Messenger Bots and then, on Friday, we'll do five things that you really should not do with Messenger Bots, unless you want people unsubscribing! Listen in and find out how Facebook Messenger Bots will help you to transform your business!


“So we're talking about free ways to do it and paid ways to do it.” From minute 1:53, Stacy talks about both free and paid ways to do Facebook Messenger Bots.

“I want you to be testing with the free stuff before we even try to dive into the paid stuff.” From minute 2:26, Stacy encourages you to try the free stuff first.

“The biggest thing you need to know with Bots is….” From minute 4:08, Stacy explains how you can engage with people with Messenger Bots in a way that will have them engage back.

“It's really really important that we are having people self-select where they should go and what they want to hear from us.” From minute 6:44, Stacy talks about ways that you can let people select what they want to hear from you so that you can really dial into them.

“People can realize when you immediately respond, that it's probably a Bot.” From minute 8:34, Stacy talks about letting people know when they're dealing with a Bot and when they're actually communicating with you because people get excited when they know that it really is you answering their questions!

“There are so many options here to be growing your social media following, your Facebook Groups, your list, whatever it is.” At minute 9:51, Stacy talks about the benefit of Bots for growing your contacts on social media.

“What is one of your biggest priorities right now?” From minute 10:06, Stacy talks about priorities and where you need the most growth– then converting that to sales.

“Remember Facebook is always their first priority- is always always the user experience.” From minute 11.35, Stacy explains a rule that you have to know when working with Facebook Messenger.

“You've got to make yourself think ‘what can I give them to make them want to click?'”. From minute 13:50, Stacy talks about thinking of ways to make people want to engage with you.

“So what I mean by ‘paid' Facebook Messenger…” From minute 16:00, Stacy talks about paid Facebook Messenger Ads and how you can use them to re-target people.

“Well, now people are doing this just to grow their Messenger List, right.” From minute 18:48, Stacy talks about things that people are doing to grow their Facebook Messenger Lists.

“For those of you that want to dive in deep and actually create your first Bot, next week, Tuesday, we're going to be doing a Live Training.” From minute 22:45, Stacy talks about the Live Training that she's giving on Tuesday, next week, where you will actually build your Bot and get it set up and running.

Link: For Stacy's Live Training on Tuesday the 27th, go to: bit.ly/botbasics

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