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“Sorry….. We’re closed!”

Another day and another Facebook group…. CLOSED! I bet you’re wondering, “Is this the fate of my group too? Do I need to shut mine down before I waste another minute? Stacy, are you closing down your She’s Building Her Empire Facebook group?” I am pretty excited to give you an answer to these questions that you may not be expecting… and that is, NO! No, this does not have to be the fate of your group. No, you are not wasting your time. And no, my Facebook group is not closing.

Those are all very great questions though and it may seem like the logical answer. However, today I get to share with you what all those who shut down their groups may not know…. Facebook Groups have just gotten even better!  I honestly think this is just the beginning for Facebook groups! And here’s why….

Facebook has now announced new community management tools that are going to completely improve our admin experience. These new tools are:

  1. Group Insights

  2. Removed Member Clean-Up

  3. Scheduled Posts

  4. Group-to-Group Linking

  5. Member Request Filtering

..to name just a few!

So what do these new community management features mean for our groups? Well, let me explain!

1. Group Insights for Admins: This is something we have all probably dreamed about for years now. Just think Facebook fan page perks, yet all inside of your group.

Talk about being able to get to know your group and your members!

You will start to see:

  • How your group is growing (including popular days and times)

  • How engaged your group is (and even who is most engaged!)

  • What type of people are joining your group (gender, age, location, etc)

2. Removed Member Clean-Up: I can tell you, if you haven’t had to remove a member yet, just give it some time. Unfortunately, as much as we try to keep our groups spam-free, there will be a time when someone slips through the cracks and joins your group with the wrong intentions. Whether it is inappropriate language, self-promotion, etc… it means they have to be removed from the group! Well, Facebook has now given us a way to make this headache-free for us admin, you can now remove a person and the content they’ve created within the group, including posts, comments, and other people added to the group, in one step.

3. Scheduled Posts: Yes, you read that right! If you aren’t a fan of Meet Edgar or another scheduling tool, any admin or moderator can now schedule right within the Facebook group!

4. Group-to-Group Linking: This allows group admins to recommend similar or related groups to their members. This is just the beginning of ways that Facebook is helping bring communities and sub-communities closer together. What does this mean for you? You could create “break-out” groups that are focused on organizing groups into subtopics. For example: Main Community – She’s Building Her Empire, Sub-community – She’s Starting Her Empire, She’s Scaling Her Empire….etc.

5. Member Request Filtering: This is a way for community managers to sort and filter membership requests on common categories like gender and location, and then accept or decline all at once.

As you can see, Facebook Group optimization has only just begun! I look forward to seeing even more perks Facebook begins to roll out to community managers and don’t worry, I will be the first to break the news to you as soon as they are released!

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