Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

This is the final podcast of the Business Rescue Roadmap. After one hundred and forty episodes in almost a year, with lots of learning and lots of growth, things are changing! Same channel with things changing up. Although the new podcast will be called “She’s Building Her Empire”, host, Stacy Tuschl will be maintaining a similar presence as before, on The Business Rescue Roadmap.

In this episode, join Stacy as she talks about how she’s changed the show, her motivations for the change and how she came to make her decisions.

Some highlights include:

“We’ll be talking about productivity, how we can get way more done in less time…” At minute 1.20, Stacy talks about some future topics on She’s Building Her Empire.

“You’d better believe, we’re going to be having some amazing guest experts on the show.” At minute 1.38, Stacy talks about the guest experts, to be on the new show.

“And I also discovered that the people that I love working with are go-getters- they’re high achievers, they’re not gonna stop because of a few bumps in the road.” At minute 2.03, Stacy talks about the caliber of guest you can expect to hear on her new show.

“But I felt like the title of Business Rescue Roadmap was a little misleading for the direction I was heading.” From minute 2.22, Stacy explains why she decided to change the name of the show.

“At first I was going to use the word ‘mompreneur’ and for some reason, that word didn’t feel right to me.” At minute 3.30, Stacy talks about how and why she came to making certain decisions for the new show.

“I was really set on creating a movement, something that we can all be a part of.” At minute 5.05, Stacy talks about having a personal brand combined with a community feeling, that motivated her to choose the new name for the show.

“The women I work with are not looking to buildside hustle or-or a part-time side business, they want to support their families and they want to make a huge difference in the world.” At minute 5.44, Stacy describes the types of women she works with on her show.

“I came up with ‘Building Her Empire’ and I was in love with it.” At minute 6.00, Stacy explains how she knew she found the right name and also what it took for her to obtain that domain.

“Because when you build something and you love it, you want to make sure that somebody doesn’t take it and run with it too.” At minute 7.34, Stacy explains the importance of trademarking your service at the right time.

“I also really wanted the podcast title something that could tie in with the Facebook group.” At minute 8.30, Stacy talks about her facebook group and it’s value in building community and support.


To contact Stacy: www.shesbuildingherempire.com

Facebook group direct link: www.shesbuildingherempire.club


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