What People Are Saying After 12 Months In A Mastermind

Now, I just got back from Italy and I have one word…AMAZING! I spent the first 4 days with my Powerhouse Mastermind but I will tell you I haven’t had pasta since I got home and I don’t know when the next time will be!  Is that crazy?? I loved the food but it was a lot of pasta and carbs for 10 days. I needed to switch it up so yes, I was that person who scoped out a Mexican restaurant, Irish pub and an American pub. I’m not going to complain though, the food was phenomenal and I’m definitely going to back just to eat the gluten that I can’t eat here!

This trip was amazing because I put a picture of Italy on my vision board about 3 years ago. To see that come to life, to be there and not just by myself, or with my family or my powerhouse ladies, but to have ALL of it. To be there with my family, my kids, my parents, my friends and my powerhouses. To hangout and work, which I don’t even call it work. That word just feels off because it wasn’t work . I feel bad for people that it does feel like work who have to show up and clock in and for me one of the most fun times i had on the trip was hanging out with my mastermind.

These are people that we just get each other even though these women are paying me to be in the program and I’m facilitating it, i still look at these ladies as my peers and as friends. We have gotten to know each other over the past 11 months and we’re such great friends. It was so great to be there with them and experience a trip like that. We did business but we also went to amazing restaurants, a 3 hour food tour where we hung out and drank wine and I got to do this with my absolute favorite people in my life.

One of the things that i did in Italy and on my other retreats is I always make them share wins . it doesn’t matter if it’s a big win or a small win, every single person has one. If it’s a struggle  to find a win you have to make sure you’re acknowledging them more often than not. That’s a problem if we can’t think of a win in the last 90 days since we’ve seen each other. We also talked about our biggest lessons learned from the past year and that was so interesting. It’s a great time to reflect as we’re wrapping up the year to ask yourself what have been your biggest learning lessons? Your biggest wins? Biggest ah-has? What things have changed your mindset.

I have a few special guests today that were in Italy with me, that after we went around and answered all of those questions I knew I had to share it with everyone. I featured them on my last podcast episode and i want to share it with you here too! I want you to see what they are saying when they are in such a peak state of their business and what they’ve done.

Before I share what they have to say, I want you to know that we are taking applications for next year’s Powerhouse Mastermind. We are halfway full of our spots and still have a few left! Once the spots are filled the doors won’t be open again until 2020 if you feel like you’re looking for true friendship and your business bestie. A group a ladies that when things are going amazing and you can’t brag to your friends or they don’t understand you, this is the group you share that with. Even when things don’t go your way, you can come and be vulnerable tell us and we can help you get through it. This group is there for you no matter what.

We will laugh and cry together, support each other and just be there for one another over the next 12 months. If this is something that sounds like you, check out the group and submit your application! There is nothing like having a group of women come together. Which is why this is my favorite program to be a part of. Now, when you read what these ladies have to say you will see that they are all different, nothing is cookie cutter because you can do something one way and it will still be successful. If you’re ready, I want to share what these ladies had to say!

First this is Pearle. Pearle had this incredible launch and she had all these really engaged people but she didn’t get buyers in the beginning. She didn’t get people that actually jumped on to what she was doing and what I love about Pearl is she didn’t get frustrated and give up. She just said OK, I missed the mark here on this product, I’ve got to figure out what to do and I’ve got to just revamp this and I’ve got to try again. She did and she didn’t wait. She didn’t try to make it perfect she’s constantly trying to put herself out there to get results whether they’re good or bad. I think that’s what’s going to make Pearl super, super fast tracked in the future.


“Hi! This is Pearle Nierenberg, owner and founder of Eat This For Performance. I’m a sports dietician that guides active families to have high energy levels to hit high performances in their sport.

I joined the Powerhouse with Stacy Tuschl to take my business from the in office, traditional nutrition consulting model into the online space where I could reach more people and have the impact. I wanted to have with high performance active families and the athletes that are trying to get to that next level.

2018 has really been my breakout year in my consulting business. I founded a new brand called Eat This For Performance and I was able to within a six month period figure out what product I wanted to have be the showcase of my brand and so I developed a membership site and within three short months I had over 60 people in my membership site and it’s growing every cycle, so every few months and I am just really really excited for what the future brings!

Italy has just been tremendous for getting outside of myself. I tend to get in go, go go mode when I’m at home and just the sites that you see getting away with my husband for the first time since I had my little guy. I’m just getting that mama escape as well as getting to mastermind with some really amazing woman. I would say that all of it has been amazing but really, really the getting the escape part of it in a beautiful part of the world is what really sets the stage for what you can accomplish in the rest of your year and in your business.

I would say the biggest breakthrough in terms of my business in the past year has been in my mindset in really melding my personal approach in thinking about business and thinking about how my nutrition education blends into my business, has evolved to the point where I know a bit more how to get to where I want to be. I’ve really broke through in relating to people more and using the marketing strategies to get in front of people in a way that feels authentic and to them doesn’t feel like a sale. So not feeling sales-y, really feeling organic and natural has really taken my business to another level and it feels comfortable and easy. So I’m just loving that I’m experiencing this and know what they talk about in a lot of these business podcasts how it can feel easy while I do feel that I broke through to that feeling.”

Next is Rachel and Rachel is definitely go-getter. She is somebody who says she’s going to do something and I just believe her. I just know she’s going to do it and she came to me about a year ago with this big question. I mean she just started her business, she was a baby entrepreneur and she said to me, “Do you think I can hit $250,000? Is that possible to come from zero to 250?” Who am I to say no to her right? I think some coaches might say well I’m not really sure, you know that’s that’s not the norm. Here’s the thing, it’s not the norm and not everybody does hit it and it could be very easy for me to tell her think a little smaller, think a little bit more realistic, I’m not sure if you’re gonna hit that. But I’m not coach that gives tough love but I also let you know that anything is possible. I did say to her I do think you can hit it, but if you have that big of a goal here’s what we’re going to need to do, and of course she did it.


“Hey, I’m Rachel Ngom! I’m a Pinterest strategist and the host of the She’s Making An Impact podcast. I decided to join Powerhouse Mastermind because I was just ready for a change. I was ready for something new, something different. I had been in network marketing for six years. At that point and while I had some success in that company, I was bored. I was ready for bigger and better things.

My biggest accomplishment of 2018 is building a business that I adore. It’s something that I feel like I’m actually doing my passion. I’m living up to my purpose and I get to pour into women who are just like me and I get to make a bigger impact in their lives and throughout the world actually with the donations that we’ve been able to contribute and all these other things we’ve been able to do because of this business.

My favorite part of being in Italy and the retreat here with powerhouse, has just been exploring Italy with all of these awesome people and then making it a business trip too. So when the taxi guy asked me, are you here for business or pleasure and I’m like well, both! Because I love what I do I love the people I’m surrounded myself with. I get to be here in Italy and also learn and grow with some powerhouse women. It’s awesome.

A breakthrough that I’ve experienced in the past year, I would say knowing that when I set my mind to something, even those big scary goals, that anything is possible. And so I want to get a little bit vulnerable here. One of my big goals I asked Stacy at the beginning of 2013, I said I was even nervous to ask her or tell her this is my goal was I want to hit $250,000 in my business this year. Do you think that’s possible? Like is that realistic because this is a brand new business that I started at the end of 2017 and she goes, yeah, yes you can do it.

And I took that and I kind of ran with it and we reached that goal in our business. In September 2018! It just kind of blows my mind that we’ve been able to do that and make that bigger impact because when you make more, you can do more. So I’m so grateful for Stacy and to be a part of Powerhouse. If you’re ready for something new, something different, definitely, definitely do it and thank you for everything!”

Next is Alicia. Oh my goodness, I love Alicia so much! She’s just somebody who’s like tell me what to do and she’ll do it and try it. Within 30 days she hit her biggest month that she had ever had and she thought of an idea of a product that her people would need. And I think she decided from the day she thought of it to the day she told them about it, she brought in $2,700 from this non-existing product. That is incredible. It happened so quickly for her. I want to focus in Powerhouse on recurring revenue, consistent revenue month after month. She came up to me at my live event, she stopped me and said I have to tell you this and I’m so glad she did. She said, I’m making about $4,000 a month in consistent revenue that those people are committed. That wasn’t including her launches and one off products and things like that. To go from $500 to $4,000.These are just such crazy incredible success stories. So here’s what Alicia had to say.


“My name is Alicia Jonas from The Confident Dance Studio.com and I am a business coach for performing arts studio owners. My signature program is probably my Studio Accelerator Course where I help performing arts school owners scale their revenue and also their enrollment in less time.

I decided to join the Powerhouse Mastermind because I was ready to finally find consistency in my monthly revenues. When I first joined I was making about $500 consistently, which is not enough to build a business on. My biggest accomplishment is finally getting to the point where I’m earning consistently four figures so my highest revenue month was about $4,000, other than typical launch months. Typical launch months are a little higher but around $4,000 a month consistently.

My favorite part of the Italy retreat is just experiencing a new culture, a new environment with some very good dear friends that I’ve made over the course of the past year. Everybody in the group is at a high level, very supportive. Everybody is cheering each other on and I just love the friendships that I’ve made in this program and I know that they’re going to last beyond this program and I can always call any of these wonderful ladies and they’ll always tell me exactly everything they need, they know about whatever I’m working on, they’re going to share that information, they’re going to be very helpful, they’re going to share their resources or their connections or their knowledge with me.

This past year I learned that I can do really hard things and I can do things that are challenging and that are scary and that are new to me and that I’m going to have somebody that’s going to have my back. So I normally would not start an Alexa debrief or even consider starting a podcast or think that I could get to a point where I would be looking at creating an evergreen webinar and now it’s really exciting to see the possibilities and how that can scale my business into 2019 and beyond.  It’s really exciting to dream about those things that’s so long ago seemed impossible for me and for my business.”

Next is Michelle. Michelle started and I know one of her biggest concerns was am I really ready? I’m still figuring out what I’m going to sell and what my product is and who my target’s going to be and all of that. She really didn’t know any of that when she started and now today she knows all of that, the products created, she knows who her target is, all of that’s done. At first she didn’t share numbers. I was like Michelle, I know you think those numbers are small but I want people to hear this  and she brings up how she had 20 people in her first challenge. Now, I will typically tell you that is not enough people to convert, that’s too small to convert. She did it anyway and she put herself out there and just learned from her launch. Five people bought her program and I’m like you converted 25%. That is unheard of you guys. Typically you convert between 1%-5%. I feel like some of those numbers go down and down and down so when she came out to me and said I just converted 25% his is my first launch going you’ve got something here. This is a winner and it just continues to get better from here. So this is what Michelle had to say.


“Hey there. I’m Michelle Fernandez and I’m all about helping you build confidence to go live on video to get high quality leads to grow a profitable business.

I decided to join Powerhouse to level up to the caliber of the other women entrepreneurs in the group and of course more importantly to learn from Stacy and how to turn a crazy, cool dream into my reality of launching my own live video course. I’m proud to say that in 2018 I launched my first course which was a huge success, especially because I went from not really knowing what my expertise was and kind of having an idea of my market to launching my first course. So it was super cool that I only had 20 people in a challenge group and sold five and it just went up from there!

Now, my favorite part of Powerhouse was our Italy retreat which was spending time with such quality people and Stacy of course. These amazing powerhouse ladies to collaborate and get the inside scoop of what’s working now in everyone’s business. And my biggest breakthrough this year has been really just knowing that I can do it. That if I have a plan and I have the support of the Powerhouse ladies and Stacy, that it could really become a reality and no longer a crazy dream!”

Next is Julie. We have been working together for a while now. I think for Julie, she was trying to figure things out and she kind of had two niches, going back and forth. Finally, something just clicked and she found her ideal target market and she figured out what they needed, she did the research and wrote this incredible book. Oh my goodness. this incredible book! She bought 400 copies she wanted to have on hand and I’m like I wouldn’t do that. I would print on demand and I’d see what happens…she sold out of those 400 copies very, very quickly and then had to reorder immediately again. I think it goes to show you that when you finally commit and believe in what you’re doing, you’re going to see those results. But the going back and forth, that’s what’s going to slow you down and that’s what’s going to make you wake up and six months later go, why am I still in the same spot? When you commit, when you make the decision and move forward, things will happen in your business. So, hears what Julie had to say.


Hi, this is Julie Ruley. I’m a member of Stacy Tuschl’s Powerhouse and I’ve worked with Stacy for a little over two years. Stacy has helped me realize a few of my dreams. One, writing a book which sold over 400 copies in its first six months, mostly off my Pinterest site. Since working with Stacy, I have also started a program called Raised To Soar to help moms transition themselves and their high schoolers to college. Then I guide them through the next chapter of life, whether that be starting their own business like I did or just supporting them through the transition they’re experiencing

I love Powerhouse. Stacy is a constant inspiration, she gets in the trenches with you. One of my favorite things about Stacy is her willingness to share and be real. She gives you a snapshot of her own business, her successes and the do-overs. We get together three times a year and this time is priceless. Building friendships and having the support from the other women in the group extends your reach into the online world. So much knowledge and experience shows up in that room when we gather together. I’m forever better for my time with Stacy and Powerhouse. I’m looking forward to next year and you can catch me on my website at julieruley.com or follow me on Pinterest @JulieRuley. Make it a great day!”

Next is Cheryl, I love working with Cheryl! Oh my goodness I’ve been working with her for a few years as well. Cheryl is just incredible. She is somebody who has always been this crazy successful business woman, but this year something big happened and we were in our January Phoenix retreat and she just wasn’t the same. Something happened, she was not feeling well, she came home and immediately went to the emergency room, had all these surgeries and was out. Out of her business for 4-5 months. I was nervous for her because we just started Powerhouse. I knew she wasn’t going to give up, I knew she was going to keep going but I was nervous of what’s going to happen to the business.She pulled through and she came out stronger. She has this incredible story of people that are now signing up for her Mastermind for next year, having all these contracts with hospitals that she’s working for and she’s designing her business around the life that she wants. She has a new grandchild and just has different priorities and I love that she could have easily given up and said I’m not able to work and now this year she bought her dream home and rearranged her schedule to really be living the life she wants while creating the business she wants. Having a multi-million dollar contract signed this year, over the next three years from these hospitals and it’s just been absolutely incredible what she’s doing and I’ve just been so blessed to work with somebody like Cheryl.


My name is Cheryl Maulden, owner of photosforwalls.net, specializing in photographic fine art for home, office or corporate decor. This is my third year to work with Stacy and my second year to be a member of Powerhouse. We’re actually just wrapping up our fourth quarter retreat in Rome, Italy which has been so amazing. But I’m coming away with so much clarity for how to end this year, how to add additional revenue this year and then where my sharp focus needs to be to start 2019, to have an even bigger year in my business next year. The bonus is that we’re all together here in this amazing city and we’ve had such fun and got to experience the culture and the architecture and the food of Italy, which truly has been a once in a lifetime experience for me.

2018 has really been an amazing year for my business and I think probably my biggest breakthrough this year was to be able to get clarity on what is my one thing. What is the one thing that I should be focusing on and that has the most potential to scale. In figuring out where did I already have a mastery level of expertise. For me, discovering all of those things which I did inside Powerhouse this year was a pivotal moment inside my business. At the beginning of this year, honestly I was trying to run multiple businesses, trying to start a new business and really struggling. Struggling just to hold it all together and to try to do all the things. But being a member of Powerhouse I was able to brainstorm and strategize with Stacy and the other ladies in the mastermind. That really helped me to decide which business should I be focusing on and where should I be putting all of my effort and energy time and attention.

I truly believe that because of that and because of the environment that Powerhouse provides, I was able to scale my consulting business from six figures to seven figures which was my biggest win for this year. In my three years of working with Stacy and being involved with Powerhouse I’ve taken that business from a five figure a year business to seven figures, which for me was a huge goal that I achieved so much faster than I ever thought possible.

There are honestly so many things that I love about working with Stacy and being a member of Powerhouse. Yes, the retreats are amazing. Yes, we have so much fun together when we go on these trips, but for me, it really goes much deeper than that. It’s not really about the trips and the experiences for me. What has been so impactful is being surrounded with other female entrepreneurs who are very like minded, who are real go getters and set these huge incredible goals and have the same work ethic as I do. Being able to not only learn from each other but really support each other and become invested in each other’s businesses. I think for me I believe that is the secret sauce, that is Powerhouse and without this program I’m not sure that I would have been able to scale my business and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to scale it as quickly as I did. I would still be trying to do all the things instead of what my one thing should be. Powerhouse is really powerful, no pun intended, but it’s also impactful.

Stacy is an amazing business coach and the ladies inside this group are true powerhouses and the results that I’ve seen in my business are the proof that this is the real deal and Stacy has challenged me not only to up level and to think bigger but also really helped me put in place a concrete action plan to make these huge goals and these big dreams that I had an actual reality and to hold me accountable along the way. Having all the other ladies of powerhouse alongside me on this journey have truly been the biggest keys to the success that I’ve been able to have inside my business.”

Last is Alison. So talk about a powerhouse! This girl had her second baby and it happened to be during the retreat. So the first retreat we had of the year, I remember when I did my first call with her to see if she’d be a good fit, I heard she was having a baby and it was right around that time. I’m like oh she’s never going to sign up when she knows she’s missing one of the retreats. That didn’t stop her. She knew that missing one retreat was not going to make or break her 2018. So she said no I’m going to sign up, I’m going to do it. I’m still going to be around and I figured I’d be gone for 6-12 weeks when the baby’s born. That’s the thing ladies. We get to do whatever we want to do and when the baby’s napping and she wants to jump on a call to be inspired and listen to these other these ladies. So to be there and to have her stick with this and add that inspiration she came back from her maternity leave she just never stopped. She was able to continue to have her business thrive, figure out what’s working, what’s not and just keep going this year.

I love that we get to do this. Not in spite of having these children and figuring out how to make this work but we get to do this for these children. We get to create the life we want and create the business we want. I love, love, love that I have incredible moms in this group where they’re doing it all. I’m so blessed to be in an environment where I get to hang out with them all the time and these ladies inspire me each and every day. So, here’s what Allison had to say.


My name is Allison Hardy and I help women scale and grow their heart centered online businesses so that they can live life by design. I’m the creator of The Life By Design podcast, The Legacy Mastermind and I believe in authentic social media to get your message heard and seen and to connect with your ideal client.

So I enrolled in Stacy’s Powerhouse Mastermind at the end of 2017 because I was eight months pregnant. I had a business that was mostly active income and if I’m being completely honest I was working a lot. I knew that something had to change. I knew that I was about to be a mom for the second time, I knew I had a high risk pregnancy and I knew that this time around I would not be able to muscle my way through the postpartum period.

So I joined the mastermind to get the type of support that I knew that I needed in my business. I enrolled specifically with Stacy because she has accomplished things I want to accomplish in my own business. My biggest take away from the mastermind has been that, you can accomplish your crazy dreams no matter how crazy they may feel. You can do all those things you just have to actually make the decision to have that type of success and that’s sounds silly but success really is a decision for so many of us or so many of us hold ourselves back through the excuses and the fears and the stories that we tell ourselves.

What I really got from the mastermind is that I could do anything in my business, truly, and so can you. It’s just a matter of being willing to do it, you know being willing to do the hard stuff to face your fears, to pour into the mindset and to really choose to make it your reality. My favorite part of the retreats was definitely Italy. I mean I’ve studied art in college, I got a master’s degree and my dissertation was on the Sistine Chapel and contemporary graffiti. So of course going to Rome and seeing the Sistine Chapel in person was amazing, but really the coolest part about Rome was kind of doing this big crazy bucket list trip and having my business be the thing that got me there. You know Rome has always my place where I’ve always wanted to go.”