What You Can Do To Separate You From Everyone Else

Hello Empire Builders! I wanted to pop in and share some exciting updates and behind the scenes!

Today is the first day that I went live on two platforms…Facebook and Instagram!! Now it all went well but I was worried because what you may not know about me is that I moved to what I call the country (20 minutes from Downtown Milwaukee), and I have satellite internet. Which scares me SO much. When we first moved I didn’t even think about having to livestream and having the best internet, but I have it all figured out and everything works smoothly!

Aside from my internet, it is slowly becoming Spring and this morning I was woken up by the birds! And let me tell you, they were going crazy. But not only did it wake me up…it woke my kids up. The mornings are usually the time I use to get my stuff done before the kids wake up. So, I understand if your day does not go as planned and I am sure plenty of moms can relate! Been there, done that. But we have a choice to decide how the rest of the day is going to go. We can complain, we can decide the rest of the day is ruined or we can enjoy that time with our little ones and use that time to do what really matters and spend it with our little ones.

On another note, I have been thinking about something one of my mentors said to me last week that has got me thinking and I want to take you along on this journey because it opened my eyes to something bigger. They asked the question, how am I standing out in my industry? How am I separating myself from everyone else and how am I going to look and feel different than everyone else? I started to take that into consideration and taking time on social media to look at what other people are doing, how they are doing it and how they are structuring it and how I can make it be my own.

The struggle comes in when we think we have to reinvent the wheel and create brand new concepts. You can take other strategies and find a way to make it your own that other people are not doing. As I was on Instagram this weekend I came across a brilliant add by the app, Shine, that provides daily motivation and meditation. Now, I really liked the idea of this app and saw myself having an app that is similar. Something that I am able to reach out to people where they don’t always need to have their computer open 24/7.

Are you wondering why I am sharing this idea with you before I actually make it happen? Am I afraid someone will copy me or beat me to it? No!! When you separate yourself from others and when you are different you don't have to worry about people copying you. You are taking inspiration and making it your own. You lose the fear of someone taking the idea from you. Put your own spin on it! Get over the fear of teaching what other people are teaching…we are all doing it! The difference is, we put our own take on it. Yes, give credit where credit is due but there is someone out there listening to you or reading your stuff that needs your take on it.

I have big goals and ideas for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4. I am working on my own daily planner for female entrepreneurs! I already own a million planners that are probably all over the house and yes, you can call me a planner hoarder. I like to buy other planners to see what they look like and see what is out there for what I love and what I don’t. Would I actually use it or would I give up and not use it? I can grab ideas from other planners out there and choose what will work best for me and what I wouldn’t use that creates something unique. How can you make that experience different not just the planner? There are so many answers to that…is there an online course with the planner? A Facebook group? An app? Who knows…but you can be different and unique in what you create and how you market it!

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