Releasing Blocks That Are Holding Your Business Back

I recently chatted with my friend Emily Aarons who is an intuitive healer and clarity coach. I had a session with Emily just a few weeks ago and I am so excited to share what we talked about and the mindset triggers that could be helping or hurting your launches! I always tell my clients you have to be working on your mindset, not only before you launch, but then when you open the cart. All these stories pop up in your head and you start telling yourself things when your launch could have gone how you wanted it to, but you just end up sabotaging yourself.

How does it all work?

Emily says, “I clear them so that you can fully step into your power. You can speak your truth and you can serve at your highest level. And of course that means making more money.”

In my session, Emily asked me what my #1 priority was for that day. What was I focused on. I love that because a lot of times we want to get to all the things and do everything right away. My mindset was to fill my upcoming live event and little did I know…everything I said was a red flag to Emily!

  • You shouldn’t be convincing or pushing anyone anywhere.
  • You are a magnet and they should be so honored to be in that room with you. (My mind was blown in this moment! This is totally true!)
  • I think we think it comes from us and we have to do all this work. But Emily says be you, bring that energy and they’ll come to you.
  • What needs to shift, especially in my session, was that mindset of ultimately pushing people into my event.

A great point Emily made is, “The word force implies that you are forcing people outside of their will into doing something. And we had to kind of go back and sort of step into. Who are you. How are you serving your highest level. And really step into what your vision for yourself and your business is.”

Becoming a magnet

Start by thinking about your best case scenario for your launch of your program or product. What is that best case scenario? Go back to day one when you first planned this launch. What were your goals? What were your visions?

  • Go back to that place and feel the energy you felt in that moment. This is the energy we want!
  • But so often we end up falling back, when we want to be pushing.
  • Emily told me to picture stepping on stage, looking at the audience and feeling that energy. This really does help when you’re on the other side of it versus trying to get into it.

What was my strategy?

At the time, I was personally reaching out to maybe 5-10 people everyday (customers, current clients, past clients etc.). I would personally message them, just reminding them that they have tickets and asking if they are claiming them. In the beginning before talking with Emily, that is what I was doing and my results were ok.

After I had talked with Emily about it and continued that strategy the amount of people in the next 3-4 days that signed up or the people that had already said they can’t make it this year, started messaging me out of nowhere saying they were coming and I didn’t even email them! WHAT?…Yes!

It was so crazy because those last few days we didn’t have any registrations but we had this big jump in the beginning and then it’s kind of like this dead zone which freaks us out. But at the end, it’s this rush of people. And that is what it felt like for me after I had my session.

  • Before I might have been coming with that energy of, I’m trying to convince them they should be coming and this event is for them.
  • That energy changed for me when I would respond with something like, ‘Absolutely. I understand no problem you know, next year this is going to be the year for you, just wait until you experience it.
  • It was the way that I was bringing my energy to them. It was either attracting or repelling in both those situations.

I think it is so important that people see that. When I stepped into that it was doing the opposite of what they were originally saying they wanted.

What is detachment?

Emily calls this idea, detachment. When you step away from the situation and look at it in a new way. Instead of putting it on ourselves, we need to look at it from another point of view and switch where our energy is coming from.

  • Constantly go back to that memory of who am I being in this moment when I’m interacting, when I’m jumping on live, whatever it is.
  • Be that person that’s saying, I’m giving something amazing away and the people that say yes to it, that’s up to them and what will benefit them.

Tips and strategies from Emily

  • Stay out of your email, don’t constantly watch it when you launch a new program or product.
  • Instead of checking your phone first, go sit and meditate, it can be one minute, it can be 10 minutes, whatever you have time for!
  • If you’re starting your day with intention and really focus on who you want to become and who you need to become to sell the program.
  • Get outside! Whether it is at the beach by the water, getting into the woods, just get out there! “From an energetic standpoint that’s actually where we really charge our bodies.”
  • Get your sweat on!
  • Take an integration break after your launch. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You could unplug from social media, go on a trip or just make a space for time for yourself in your home!
  • I know we’re busy. Just do it for a minute. Just get started. A lot of times when you get started, you’ll do it longer than you think you will anyway. So just try it.

I think if you can do what Emily is doing and just trust in yourself, trust that what you are giving is going to really truly help people. You just need to be and let yourself kind of get out of that launch free fall, that mindset of why aren’t people buying yet because they will come for sure.

So many great takeaways from Emily! I had amazing results from my session with her and after leaving the call she gave me so much to do with so much energy! What does you need to be doing to make these things happen? Ask yourself that every day…put a post-it note on your computer or your mirror. Who do I need to become to hit whatever that goal is? You can connect with Emily at @emilyaarons.