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Ready to unleash your inner ‘Manifestation Babe’? I’m really excited to bring you my friend Kathrin Zenkina. Kathrin is a best-selling author, manifesting expert, success strategist, and mindset coach. She has quite a story and a very fast track, very fast version of how she scaled her business. And I know a lot of you including myself want to know how she did it.

How Kathrin Got Started

You may be surprised that Kathrin was on the track to medical school in which her parents gave her the option to become a surgeon or a plastic surgeon. She had other plans for herself.

  • Kathrin told us she was primed to be a very logical thinker, a very left brain thinker. Her friend once handed her a book called, The Secret, in which she said, “And that’s really how my spiritual side started to grow where I got introduced to the Law of Attraction. I got introduced to manifestation. And it’s funny because although it took me eight years to actually apply it to my life I was always fascinated with it…”
  • Kathrin always had a side of her that was always coaching and uplifting others and would see the bright side of things.
  • She got started with a fitness MLM which started her entrepreneur journey. Kathrin started to get really passionate with this business and social media but she found herself not being as successful, “I’ve really brought up my spiritual side because was the my way of coping living with my parents not being able to move out.”
  • She believed in her dream when no one else believed in it with her. I think we all need to do that more!

The Start of Manifestation Babe

“I had this conversation with myself where I literally said enough is enough. And I decided to play this game.”

  • Manifestation Babe was never intended to be a company and take off like it has but it was initially about Kathrin’s journey with taking manifestation practices seriously.
  • Kathrin gave herself one year to pull it all together or go back to the way things were.
  • Time to take action: Make decisions that make you happy, take risks and do what is best for you.

“Ignoring my current reality and really focusing on what it is that I want and doing the vision boards and actually being intentional and actually journaling it out and doing that inner work and looking at my wounds mending my relationship with money not just wishing for more money but actually sitting down with myself…”

  • Know where you are currently in life or you won’t be able to get to where you want to be.
  • Kathrin started to teach people because she saw the results of manifestation, started to truly believe what she could do and what others were telling her she could do.
  • Follow the inspiration around you, what feels right to you and that is when you will start to see things come together.

Manifestation In Action

One of Kathrin’s books started when she first began to manifest money on her journey. This brought her more opportunities and started to see more clients.

  • Kathrin brought up a really good point that with all of the content you have already created, if you can talk for a long time about something you have an entire book already written.
  • This was a mindset shift for Kathrin and me as well after she said that. “How many hours you spend, how many words do we already have written. How many pages do we already have sitting somewhere on a blog or on our Instagram pages.”
  • It all goes back to repurposing content into bigger and better things!
  • Any one of you reading this can do this!!

A Positive Mindset and Waking Up With Gratitude

I believe we have a choice on what our day is going to look like. Kathrin shared some things she recommends to her clients.

  • If you don’t own the day in the morning, the day will own you. It is very easy to start the day by reading negative comments, a bad email or getting a bill.
  • Kathrin says, “So I go on Instagram and just look at pictures of my favorite people and people who I follow. But I don’t check my DM’s…I don’t look for anything that might throw me off.”
  • It is so important that you wake up with a positive start and know that you are in control of your day, “I’m very protective of my energy in the morning. And then once I feel like my eyes are open then I will wake up bright and my fiance and he will immediately go into five things were each grateful for. And what we plan on accomplishing that day.”
  • Hold yourself accountable, set goals and at the end of the day reflect on what you accomplished.
  • Some things Kathrin does include meditation mantras, reading books, journaling or listening to something inspirational.

Going Against What You’ve Been Taught Or Believe

If you are reading this or have followed Kathrin, the idea of manifestation may be hard if it is not what you believe in or it goes against those beliefs. Kathrin says her views on religion have changed since she started manifesting and says she feels that she is every religion, that her religion is gratitude.

“I think that people that kind of twisted a lot of the meaning…if you really look at the Bible there is a lot about manifestation in there and Jesus was a master manifester or can manifest the most incredible things so fast because he just had no disbelief he didn’t get in his own way.”

  • Once Kathrin learned about the principles of the Law of Attraction, she started to unravel the idea that there are rules and if you do something out of line you’re going to get punished, “And so I thought about it like if God has unconditional love and he’s like our father who created us he would want everything for us too.”

We are all given a purpose, to have everything we can hope for that will fulfill us. If you are unsure I hope Kathrin can bring some clarity in how this can help you. Now this might not all happen overnight for you but know that your business is capable of growing just like Kathrin’s! She put in countless hours of work and building her business from the bottom up with faith that one day she would receive everything she has manifested, the energy and intentions would come back to her. You can connect with Kathrin on social media, @manifestationbabe

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