3 Top Programs We Are Currently Using In Our Business That Are Generating Money

I’m sharing the top 3 programs we are currently using at She’s Building Her Empire what are generating us money. Ready to know what they are? Read below!

#1: ClickFunnels: Enabling People To Grow Their Companies Through Sales Funnels

“ClickFunnels Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online!”

Webinar funnel

Before using Clickfunnels, we used LeadPages.net. LeadPages is great, the reason we up-leveled to clickfunnels was bc we were doing something in one of our funnels and basically Leadpages did not have the capability to integrate with Infusionsoft the way that clickfunnels did.

So my option was to stay paying a cheaper rate and get landing pages that looked great and I was paying a lot less but in turn suffer because the back end didn’t have the functionality we really needed.

In the beginning, you may not need these high-level features.  But I can guarantee you, as your business begins to grow you are going to come to a point where you will have to make the decision, to settle or to up-level.

Click here to view primary example of one of our landing pages leading from clickfunnels.

#2: WebinarJam

What can you do with WebinarJam?

  • Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or our private JamCast broadcaster
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Engage with a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency
  • Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations
  • Automatically record every webinar
  • Communicate pre and post webinar with built in autoresponders
  • Know your data with our advanced analytics and tracking

When I think of WebinarJam, I think consistent revenue and passive income. It provides these two things that we will be able to consistently make money with our evergreen webinar and not have to worry about launching, etc.

To see our webinar via Webinarjam, click here!

#3: Kajabi

Stop trading your time for money.

Kajabi provides digital entrepreneurs an all-in-one platform which enables them to create a life of freedom on their terms, whatever that may look like.

Kajabi is Your Knowledge Commerce Platform.

Your Business, 100% You.

Your business should be as unique as you are. Build your own online empire the way you want it. All of it should express your vision, goals, and story.

Endless customization options

Set your own prices (zero transaction fees)

Your own domain name (We host your site for you!)

And more…

We used to not specifically recommend Kajabi for landing pages,etc because I thought there were a lot of other good ones that were out there, however, recently, they are continuing to add more and more to their platform and I have had the privilege of speaking to one of the co-owners of the company and when we were talking together he had said that his goal for this company is that an online marketer can come into this space and buy 1 platform (specifically his platform, Kajabi) and be able to gross a million dollars without having to add on other platforms.

He has people already using his platform that are grossing over a million dollars.

Now, with all that said, Kajabi has always been the platform we house all of our courses, specifically our Launched in 90 program. You can learn more about Launched in 90 on our free webinar which you will find here.