Jillian Leslie, an MBA graduate, is an online two-business entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Catch My Party (www.catchmyparty.com) and MiloTree (www.milotree.com).   Catch My Party is the largest party idea site on the web.   MiloTree helps businesses grow their social media followers and email lists from popups.  Today, she talks with Stacy about running two businesses and how she made her two brands explode.  She shares her insights and experiences of her success.

Jillian talks with Stacy about being an entrepreneur of two businesses.    She explains how she got started, her struggles and her successes with both businesses and how she built her empire. 

Some highlights include:

 “Initially we thought we’ll monetize via ads…” At 3:06,  Jillian explains how she learned to monetize the traffic on her first business site, Catch My Party. 

 “Brands reached out to us.”  At minute 4:09, Jillian discusses how she made her businesses stand out to get brands to contact her to work together.

 “Think of yourself as an influencer..”  at 6:40, Jillian talks about having confidence in yourself.

 “This isn’t working…what are some other things to make your brand explode.”  At minute 10:00, Jillian tells Stacy how she made her business grow through popups.  

 “This is working for us, chances are it will work for others.” At minute 11:50, Jillian explains how she took the popup and created a separate business.

 “It’s a little bit like having a child.”  At minute 17:00, Jillian talks about when she felt comfortable enough with her first business to dive deep into her second.  

 “What we do is we listen, and we ask.” Starting at 19:40, Jillian discusses the struggles along the path of entrepreneurship.

 “We eat our own dog food..”  at minute 22:40,  Jillian shares how her two businesses, Catch My Party and MiloTree, work together.

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