In this episode, Stacy talks about creating your irresistible offer. She also explains what she has coming up in October, including a webinar and a brand-new 5 Day Challenge!

“The number one mistake that people make…” At minute 1:51 Stacy explains the biggest mistake that people make when creating a digital product.   

“Most of the entrepreneurs focus on creating a product or service, instead of creating an offer.” At 3:50 Stacy discusses the difference between creating an offer and creating a product or service.     

“Let's talk about offer versus product…” At minute 6:06 Stacy gives examples on how to make your offer more compelling.

“We need to go get a sense of urgency.” At 7:35 Stacy talks about creating an urgency to help customers make a decision on whether or not they immediately want your product or service.  

“You could also do bonuses…” At minute 10:53 Stacy goes in depth about bonus offers. She provides several examples and explains why your bonuses need to make sense.  

“Pricing and packaging is a huge thing that makes or breaks your offer.” At minute 14:04 Stacy explains how you can show your value with your pricing strategies.  

“Coming up…” At minute 15:22 Stacy talks about what she has planned for the month of October. 

  • 5 Imperative things to do before creating your next offer

  • Pricing and Packaging

  • A brand new 5 day challenge!  The new challenge start on October 30th and runs Monday – Friday.

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