Good work yesterday!

Getting clear about what your offer is going to be was step 1.

Step 2?

How much should you charge for that offer?

Exciting stuff, right?!!

We are all in business to make money, there is no denying that.

But how we make that money is equally important to the life and sustainability of your business.

We can either use “push” tactics to make people buy your offer… OR… we can “pull” the perfect clients in with a well-designed and beautifully-priced offer.

Day 2 of the “5 Days to Your Irresistible Offer Challenge” is all about pricing your offer in a way that becomes a total steal.


Pricing is as much an art as it is a science, one that relies on market research as well as psychology of your perfect person.

When priced correctly, your offer can turbocharge your sales without you having to justify anything at all. Get your pricing strategy wrong and you may repel people without you even knowing about it.

But here’s the thing.

There's no one surefire way to price your offer the right way.

There really isn’t.

However, there certainly are some key factors that help you steer the ship in the right direction, i.e. insane clarity on your target clientele, active competitor research, and understanding the hidden benefits of your offer.

Clearer you are about the VALUE of your offer, easier it gets to charge a good price for your offer.


  1. How are you currently being perceived within your industry? (Are you just starting out? Have you already made some ripples? Are you looking to scale?)

  2. What is your competition charging and how can you best price your offer to have an unfair advantage? (Offering higher or lower price is directly related to your perceived value)

  3. Will you offer a payment plan? If so, break it down (Ex. $997 can be broken down into $297 for 4 months).


  1. Answer the questions above.

  2. Share your answers in She’s Building Her Empire Community with the hashtag #Day2 #IrresistibleOfferChallenge

  3. Tune in at Noon CST to watch the LIVE class on pricing your offer over on my business page.

Remember! Charging high-end prices for your hard work isn’t a far-fetched dream. But you do need to prime your audience enough to invest in you without any hesitation or remorse.

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