Do you want to start getting more clients and making more money?

I know you do.

Hence, you need to SELL your offer.

Seems ridiculously simple, doesn’t it?

Still so many awesome people I know just keep sitting on their offers, worried about facing judgment, rejection or failure.

Let me ask you a question.

How many times have you spotted a person you could help and said, “Hey, I’ve got the solution to what you are going through right now! Why don’t you try it and see how it makes a difference?”

Umm…NEVER, I assume.

You see, selling out an offer is a process. It takes time and most importantly, it takes commitment to make a difference with your amazing work.

Your initial attempts may fall on deaf ears, your posts may not get as much engagement as you had expected, people may not respond right away….

But this is where consistency, grit and follow-up techniques come in handy.


Day 5 of the “5 Days to Your Irresistible Offer Challenge” is all about selling your offer in a way that feels good and empowering.

The fastest way to validate your offer, attract new clients and perfect your sales process is to create a BETA version of your offer or to pre-sell it to a handful of people in exchange for a raving case study.

People love being the “first”, getting the special treatment and that too at a special price.

Leverage that!


  1. Do you want to pre-sell your offer at a lower price to gauge people’s interest? If so, what is your special price point going to be?

  2. How can you create genuine scarcity to induce action (A handful of spots, time-sensitive bonuses or limited availability)?

  3. Can you setup a wait list for interested people? Also, make a list of prospects to personally reach out to (ones who may have shown interest in what you do at some point).


  1. Answer the questions above.

  2. Share  your answers in She’s Building Her Empire Community with the hashtag #Day5 #IrresistibleOfferChallenge

  3. Tune in at Noon CST to watch the LIVE class on selling your offer over on my business page with an amazing challenge wrap up party (we’re talking wins, big take-aways and something spectacular that’s coming your way!

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