This week we are in Week Two of our series discussing the amazing book, “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.  Join along with us by purchasing this book wherever you buy books!  We'll be covering Jen's book for the remainder of November and in December — don't miss out!

 “Be your best testimonial.”  At 5:40 Stacy talks about having credibility, results and experience in your field and how that's a must have before you launch your business.  

 “How can you do this?”  At minute 7:48 Stacy talks about her previous launches and their results. She shares how she built her confidence to have successful launches. Stacy discusses how to find your niche. She dives deep into her experience and how she got started in the online space.  

 At minute 12:28 Stacy talks about Internal vs. External worlds. She shares excerpts from Jen's book and her own examples.   She discusses how you have to believe in yourself and speak your words into existence.  

 “Limiting Beliefs.” At minute 15:10 Stacy talks about limiting beliefs. She goes over an example and explains how to work through your own personal limiting beliefs. 

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