This week we are in Week Three of our series discussing the amazing book, “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.   Join along with us by purchasing this book wherever you buy books!  We’ll be covering Jen’s book for the remainder of November and in December — don’t miss out!

“There is something bigger out there than you. (Jen Sincero)” At minute 3:15 Stacy discusses that there is something bigger out there and how you are in your business not just for yourself.  

“How can I afford this?”  At minute 5:22 Stacy talks about how she was able to go from feeling scared to invest in a $1000 coaching program to investing $36,000 in a coach and how she made that money back faster than she could ever imagine!

“How can I make this happen?”  At 13:49 Stacy talks about putting the energy behind what you are saying to yourself.   She explains why being decisive is the KEY to your success in life and business and how it helps you turn your doubts into a dream life.

“There are two types of people…”  At 16:30 Stacy discusses the two types of mindsets people have — people who spend what they want with no worries and go in to debt and the people who are actively planning on how to make their money back.  

“You have to want your dreams more than you want your drama (Jen Sincero)”  At minute 22:05 Stacy quotes Jen Sincero and talks about how you have to want to succeed more than anyone else.   Do not let negative thoughts affect you.  

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