Yesterday we talked about shaping your vision, getting clear about your truest desires and owning them by writing powerful statements of intention. WOW! That was fun.

And today, our focus is: Phase it Up – Breaking your BIG vision into tasty chunks (a.k.a. achievable phases) so you can finally live the life of your dreams.

Today, we will break down your dream into phases. It can be 3, 5 or 7 phases just so you can easily achieve each phase and move one step closer to your dream.

Let me give you an example: Your dream is to have an internationally renowned business that is impacting not hundreds or thousands but millions of lives.

This is how you’ll map out your 2018.

[ASSUMED] VISION FOR 2018: Be a bestselling author and generate $100K in revenue.


First Quarter

Phase 1 – Map your book idea and hire help (either a coach or an accountability buddy)

Phase 2 – Begin writing the book alongside making a visibility plan for audience building

Second Quarter

Phase 3 – Start list building and begin establishing your expert authority as you write the book

Phase 4 – Finish the first draft and either submit to a Publishing Agency or run it by an editor

Third Quarter

Phase 5 – Draw up your marketing plan and connect with a publicist for book signing and talks

Phase 6 – Give your book the finishing touches and finalize the draft

Fourth Quarter

Phase 7 – Pre-Sell your book and ramp up the hype on your network (email, social media, local)

Phase 8 – Launch and take on the world.

Now you see, the vision may have seemed quite big (and clichéd), but when backed with a plan, it is realistic and achievable.

Your turn: Think about your vision for 2018 and then break it down into phases. Few key factors you need to keep in mind are:

Clarity (You may need it if you are starting out)

Marketing & Audience Building

Filling in the knowledge gap

Accountability & Support

Sales Mastery  

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