Wow! I can’t believe it! We’re well on our way to Day 3 and I am so proud to see all the amazing work you’ve put in over the last two days. I commend you for being committed and determined to take your life and business to the next level in the coming year.

Our focus of the day: YOU!

Today, I’m going to share a strategy with you that is an integral part of my High-Performance Coaching and has helped me and my clients immensely over the years. It tells you where you truly stand and what you need to do to fill the gap to get where you want to be.



What are your business strengths? (What makes your business unique?)

What are your personal strengths? (What personal skills do you have that assist you in business?)


What are your business weaknesses? (Where can you improve your business?)

What are your personal weaknesses? (What personal limitations are keeping you from giving 100% to your business?) 


What new opportunities do you see that will help you grow your business? (Partnerships, Affiliates, Collaborations, Podcasting, Guest Blogging, Tele-Summit, etc.) 


What are the threats to your business? (These can be personal i.e. time, energy, money or business i.e. rival coming in strong, consistency, changing business landscape)

Post your answers (or if you have any questions) with the hashtag #Plan2Profit #Day3 and find out what strengths and weaknesses your peers possess and how you can support each other as a community.

I'm going live today on www.facebook.com/stacytuschl @12 p.m. central. Don't forget to jump on.

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