Dreams, hopes, desires, passion, ambition and goals…

These are the things that make you into the person you are today and the person you most want to be. Goals and ambitions undoubtedly play a crucial rule in your success. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Strategy, smarts, brains…everything falls flat if you don’t work on the KEY element.

And that’s mindset.

Yes! I just said that. And if you’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for a while now, you must be familiar with this concept.

You hear experts talking about “work on your mindset”, “pesky little limiting beliefs”, “self-sabotage” and stuff like that. The thing is, you keep hearing all this yet you keep ignoring it.

When you think about building a 6-figure business, you roll up your sleeves and sit down to create a game plan. You come up with a strategy, all the resources and set your goals. You then start shooting for stars – one after another, but end up falling flat on your face.

You know why?

Because no matter how bad you WANTED it to happen, you never BELIEVED it.

Somewhere at the back of your head, you kept thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong, all the reasons why it won’t happen or explanations that your offer is not good enough.

So it goes without saying that mindset work is as important as strategy, systems or smarts.

Our focus of the day?

 Developing a 6-figure success mindset so you can kick self-sabotage to the curb every time it creeps in while UP LEVELING BIG TIME! 

 I want you to write a letter of gratitude and date it December 2018. Sit down, relax, and let your thoughts flow. What have you achieved? How far have you come? What are the things that you are thankful for?

 Don’t be judgmental or picky. Let your heart & desires flow. You don’t necessarily have to already BE there, but claim that space anyway because it’s yours for the taking. Make a habit of reading this letter first thing in the morning so you can stand in your power even when you don’t feel like it.

Do the homework above and once you complete your Day 5 challenge (or if you have any questions), post it in She’s Building Her Empire Community with the hashtag #Plan2Profit #Day5 and let’s embark on a beautiful journey to your dreams.

 Not sure what I mean?  Don’t worry.  Join me live today  and I will give you a few examples.  I’m going to end this challenge with a bang, so would love for you to join me today at Noon CST for a Facebook Live on my business page and let’s all celebrate our dreams, goals and empower each other.

  Much Love,


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