Today Stacy talks about 10 ways to monetize right now in order to get a great start to 2018.  

 “A really great way to monetize quickly without having a product…”  At minute 2:33 Stacy talks about affiliate links and how they are a really great way to monetize.  She discusses how to add a story to help increase sales.  

 “Partner with someone else.”  At 6:34 Stacy discusses the importance of partnering up with someone who already has a list.

 “Flash Sales…”   At 7:28 Stacy talks about flash sales and how creating urgency can bring in income. 

 “Creating little books/journals…”  At 9:36 Stacy talks about something you can do in a weekend to have as a trip wire.

 “Put some courses together as a combo.”  At 11:52 Stacy describes how to create a ‘never before seen’ special.

 “Don’t forget about in-person stuff.”   At 13:05 Stacy reminds us not to forget about your local audience.  

 “Create a mini-course.”  At minute 15:15 Stacy talks about creating smaller courses and how you can do them right at home!

 “Lets talk about a virtual workshop…”  At minute 16:19 Stacy discusses virtual workshops. 

 “Have a private Facebook group.”  At 17:15 Stacy talks about how having a free private Facebook group is beneficial to everyone, even if you don’t have a list or product yet. 

 “Adding Voxer coaching/access…”  At 18:18 Stacy discusses alternative ways to have your clients reach you.

 “Stuff you might not be utilizing…”  At 20:16 Stacy talks about things you may not be utilizing that can be money-makers. 

 Book Recommendation:  At minute 24:18 Stacy recommends a great book, “The Automatic Customer” by John Warrillow.   “The Automatic Customer” provides different models on how to turn a customer into an automatic/repeat customers.  

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