Today Stacy talks about growing your team and how to make sure you're not doing everything in your business in 2018.

“We knew in 2018 we would be growing our team…”  At minute 3:30 Stacy talks about how to figure out what gaps to fill in your business.  She shares how she figured out what gap was in her team and the start of the hiring process.   She also shares her vision for her business in 2018 and how she plans to scale.

“Search Local.”  At 5:40 Stacy discusses how she searched for someone local to fill the open position on her team.   She talks about the different platforms she used to search for candidates and which one worked the best.

“Step One: Apply through the platform.”   At minute 8:30 Stacy talks about the first step of the application process.   She describes why she asks her applicants to include their personality test results and the importance of it.  

“Step Two:  The Google Form.”  At 9:34 Stacy discusses what questions she asks her applicants in her Google Form.   She explains how she has applicants research her brand and how telling the results can be.  

“Step Three:  15 Minute Zoom Call.”   At minute 11:47 Stacy describes her 15 minute “get to know you” calls and what she is looking for in her perfect applicant during Step Three.   Plus, she talks about the bonus ‘test' that popped up during the calls.  

“Step Four:  Meeting In Person.”  At 14:20 Stacy discusses what happens when she meets applicants in person.   She also shares a personal story of what she would have changed to streamline the entire process.  

“Step Five: Paid Work.”  At minute 15:30 Stacy talks about what tasks she gave her final applicants and how she gives them an opportunity to show off their other skills.    She also discusses the importance of getting a second opinion during the hiring process.  

“Tips to be successful in this process.”  At minute 18:01 Stacy gives tips on how to be super successful when you go to hire. These include: what you should not tolerate in the process, how to not sugarcoat things and more!  

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