Today Stacy talks about list building and what the new Facebook algorithm means for you! 

Today’s topic was actually pre-scheduled before Facebook released their news, so this turned out to be perfect timing!

“When I’m coaching clients I ask them what they’re hoping for with their challenge or next launch.”  At minute 1:13 Stacy discusses how list building is a numbers game.   She explains conversions and the importance of list building.  

“Social media vs. your email list.”  At minute 2:33 Stacy explains why you can’t put all your ‘eggs’ in one basket.   She discusses the use of other platforms, especially your email list to increase your sales.   She provides real-life examples from her own business and tells you why you shouldn’t go after those ‘vanity’ numbers. 

“We scrub our email list.”  At 5:06 Stacy talks about cleaning, or scrubbing, your email list.    She explains the process and how doing this will help you get the most accurate statistics for your business.  

“Tips that help grow your list…”   At minute 7:34 Stacy gives some great tips that will help you grow your email list.  

“Compelling content…”  At 8:23 Stacy discusses engaging content and the importance of it.    She goes in depth about the things you need to create engaging content in order to have your social media posts/lives be seen.  

“How many of you set goals for your email list for 2018?”  At 9:35 Stacy talks about goal setting for the New Year and why you probably need to change your goals asap!    

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