Are you desperately trying to grow both your social media followers and email list?!    If you answered yes, then today's podcast is just for you!

Today's we're covering how one 15 minute piece of content can produce multiple pieces on all different platforms, the ONE thing you need to do to see your email list skyrocket and why ‘micro-content' is taking over Social Platforms. 

“Here's what I typically see…”  At minute 4:55 Stacy talks about why you shouldn't post the same thing on every single Social Platform.    She explains the difference between the Platforms and their different needs of each user. 

“We don't have to give everything away for free.”  At 7:08 Stacy discusses her re-purposing strategy.   She goes in depth on what she does to make one piece of 15 minute content turn into multiple pieces!   She dives deep into 10 steps that she does, including transcription, tips on Instagram and way more!    Find out all the tips Stacy and her team use and find out how to download the same apps so you can master re-purposing your content. 

“I just want to do ONE thing…” At minute 24:15 Stacy talks about the importance of starting with ONE thing.    Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do everything at once.   As you master what you're doing, then you can move on to the next strategy.   

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