Today we're talking about how to get more visibility right this moment. Maybe you're newer or changing platforms and don't have a huge following yet.    This podcast will guide you in the right direction to grow your visibility.  

 “What you need to do first…” At 2:49 Stacy talks about collaborations and how to gain instant credibility when you are just starting out through borrowing other people’s audience.  She explains the reasoning as to why visibility needs to be your number one focus in the online space.   

 “Who to ask to to gain more visibility.”  At minute 7:35 Stacy talks about the perfect people to ask to collaborate with.   She gives you a step by step guide on where to go, where to look and how to ask!  Stacy uses her past experience of over 100 interviews to give you the best tips!

 “The ONE thing I do to skyrocket my list every 90 days…”  At 24:04 Stacy discusses the one thing she does every 90 days that grows her list massively!  

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