Today we’re talking about the sacrifices, no money coming in, fear, self doubt and so much more.

 “I was so close to closing my business.”  At minute 6:30 Stacy talks about a client of her and how she was about to throw in the towel and then she booked her highest paying client.   You never truly know when things will get easier and when it will start paying off and when success is right around the corner!

 “What a regular person looks like who’s building her empire.”  At 9:25 Stacy discusses what her journey looks like.   She gives an overview of how she built her empire from starting her dance studios at 18 and buying her first investment property at 23.   She talks about the hard-work that goes into being success and how it doesn’t just come to you and how she didn’t even realize at the time that she was starting a business.

 “The hard part…” At minute 17:57 Stacy talks about how at the age of 24, six years into her dance studio business, she was still not taking a paycheck.   The explains how she would feel guilty at just the thought to taking money for herself instead of putting it back into the business.  

 “My last 15 years…” At 27:22 Stacy talks about what her last 15 years as an entrepreneur looks like.    She talks about the successes that she had and the necessity of having breaks to relax.    She talks about when her boredom sets in, the action steps she takes and how she secretly love a struggle!

 “Just keep going.”  At  37:13 Stacy discusses why it’s so important to just keep moving forward.     She talks about the struggles she experienced and how it’s completely normal!  You’re not alone!   There’s a way to push through and achieve success.  

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