Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Thank you for joining us! We’re talking about social media tips that you have to be doing right now, not 3 months from now or a year from now!  Social media happens so fast that you cannot delay or you will simply miss out.

“Written in real time, not a book to put on your to do list…” At minute 2:07 Stacy talks about the book, “Crushing It”by Gary Vee. Written in real time, this book tells you what you need to be doing in social media right now. Stacy talks about the book including what you should be doing, including podcasts and new, upcoming social media platforms.

“You need to be the first on these big platforms…” At minute 3:49, Stacy talks about how Gary Vee says to be the first on new and upcoming platforms. Imagine starting a podcast now versus 5 years ago and the challenges then versus now. She talks about why you should get on the platforms now and how to make it happen without missing out on the opportunities.

“How do we get around that? By having podcasts…” A 5:35, Stacy talks about podcasting and how easy it is! She talks about repurposing your content from Facebook lives and other platforms into podcasts. Stacy gives an overview of why podcasts are important and how she listens to podcasts every single day to learn, to keep growing and staying on top of trends. She gives tips on how to start your own podcast and how she does her own.

“Get on it, and get on it now…” At 8:47 Stacy talks about the new platform, Alexa Skills. Gary Vee says this is the platform you want to get on now. She gives an overview of what Alexa Skills and Flash Debriefing is and how you can get in on it no matter what kind of business you have. Stacy mentions repurposing all of your content from your podcasts and Facebook lives into a 1 minute, daily clip and why you shouldn’t wait to start it.

“You’ve got so much content coming out of your ears…” At 13:49 Stacy talks about why you should not wait to get on a new platform, if you are thinking there is no way you can do it, you can!! She talks about repurposing a small piece of content into a short clip to get you on a new platform fast.   

“It feels more like I’m documenting stuff…” At minute 15:35 Stacy talks about how her new favorite platform is Instagram, why Instagram stories are important and what your stories should include. She explains why she posts everyday and spills her newest purchase of a stabilizer! She shares her tips to get the ultimate Instagram story, any time, any where and how to find the best products when looking for something new!

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