Welcome back to episode #274! This time of year always feels like a version of the new year for me! Maybe it’s because I am a dance studio owner and we operate on the school year schedule….OR maybe it is because as an entrepreneur now is the time to re-evaluate your goals you had set in January and gain that last push of momentum for the remaining part of the year!

With that said, on today’s episode I want to share with you my 3-step framework that I use during the month of August and September to make sure I start my “new year” off right!

“It will take you as long as you allow it to take you…” At minute 3:50 I share why it’s a great time to gain that last push of momentum for the remaining part of the year. I’m sharing my 3 step framework for getting back into the swing of things starting with assessing your current situation.

“The key for me is make it a non-negotiable that you never hit the snooze button…” At 9:08 I’m telling you what my schedule is going to look like for fall and hopefully this helps you when you’re structuring your day! I’m walking you through what a normal day looks like for me from the time I wake up until I go to bed.

“These little hacks will get it done in your business…” At minute 22:07 Not only can you get set times in your calendar when you do certain appointments, take client calls, and so on but you can also have a rhythm with your days. Not only with your days but your travel schedule, what your year ahead looks like, how much personal time you need and what you really want to keep on your schedule.

“Sundays are pretty much left wide open and now we prep for the week…” At 32:43 I put together 10 tips for increasing your productivity. You NEED to hear these and find a way to start your days right to make sure they end right. These tips help you stay organized and simply make life easier especially if you have little ones at home!

As I mentioned, I created a playlist for you to start your morning or play throughout the day to keep you energized and motivated! You can find it here, shesbuildingherempire.com/playlist. I want to hear your productivity tips so head over to Instagram and find me @stacytuschl, tag me and let me know in the comments!

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