Welcome back to episode #295! This is a really special podcast episode because this week we are doing our 3rd annual Plan 2 Profit Challenge! You can already see the life changing comments and breakthroughs happening on our social media from our community. In this episode we have days 1-5 of the challenge all in one for you!

Each day is short and sweet so you can listen to each day in no time! BUT…there are workbooks that go with each day that will truly take your results to the next level, so be sure to get signed up here so you can access those workbooks.

“I want to help you get clarity…” At minute 2:16 we are diving in to day 1! We are going to figure out who you want to be and how you are going to do it over the next 12 months.

“What has to happen first?…” At 9:57 we start day 2! The next sep after writing out our vision is time to dig a little deeper. We need more than our vision. We need an actual plan. That’s what day 2 is all about, breaking the year down to map out our year!

“We need to be truly realistic…” At minute 15:34 we dive into day 3 which is a tough-love topic and a conversation that NEEDS to happen. This includes looking at our business as well as ourself.

“You’ll notice a big, big difference…” At 21:00, you’ll hear the day 4 video! My favorite day of the whole challenge. Why? This day is going to jumpstart your business over the next 90 days.

“I want you to have your biggest year yet…” At minute 27:57 it’s time for day 5!! We are talking all about mindset and why it’s something you never finish doing. For day 5, we are writing ourselves a gratitude letter.

P.S. We are still enrolling for our Powerhouse Mastermind that starts this month! There are just a few spots left and this challenge has built so much excitement so if you’re interested, hurry and book a call! Head over to, apply and see if your are a good fit.