Welcome back to episode #297! Today I want to share everything you need to know about having your business filled with your dream clients. We're talking about building a roster of raving fans…that experts charge thousands of dollars to tell you! I’m sharing 5 tips to attract the right people that you can implement right away today!

“I’m trying to get more of my dream clients that value and appreciate me…” At minute 2:56 what we need is to not make more money or get more clients, I’m talking about working with your DREAM clients where work, doesn't feel like work. I’m diving into tip #1 which is a few ways to start to find your dream clients.

“The ball is in our court to follow-up…” At 4:52 I’m talking about tip #2: track and follow up…with everything!!! Texts. Direct messages. Emails. How do you usually respond? I’m telling you why it's so important to not only send a message but why you need to follow up and track who you’re talking to. Plus, hear a few things I’m doing to make sure this get done!

“We have areas we think we should be marketing…” At minute 8:13 is tip #3: creating add ons and up-sells for your current clients. Are you really looking for more revenue instead of more clients? Then this is for you! I’m sharing how we can add on to what we have and propose it to your dream clients you already work with. Then, tip #4: outside of your box marketing. Hear why we need to always be testing, think of new markets to enter and new ways to meet clients.

“We look very, very different than your typical online marketer…” At 14:09 is tip #5: put a referral program into place. I'm giving you a few examples on how to get more referrals and what we did at my brick and mortar business. PLUS I’m giving you a bonus tip! After talking with a branding strategist I’m telling you the #1 thing my dream clients told her they want to see more of.

You deserve to work with people that you love working with! If you want to grab all 10 ways to effectively and quickly get your dream clients go here!