Welcome back to episode #298! This year I was very intentional to schedule in some R&R for my family and I, so as you are reading this email I am off in sunny Florida soaking up some fun in the sun!But… I do have a gift for you.  And that gift is a Q&A with yours truly! Typically, the only people who get to pick my brain and ask me ANY questions are my Propel and Powerhouse programs. But this is a special occasion just for YOU! I’m answering questions like:

How do you balance work and life?

What do you say to somebody who doesn’t know many people and is trying to grow their legacy?

How do you figure out how much you get get done and take on in one day?

How do you zero in on your target market and ideal client market for a service based business?

What do you do when acquaintances ask for free help?

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