3 Simple Tips To Finding Your Business Bestie

One of my mentors always says the quality of your life can be related to the quality of the questions you ask. Now I think that can also be switched out for, the quality of your business can be related to the quality of your network.

Have you heard the phrase ‘your net worth is directly related to your network’? I know this sounds overwhelming!! Let’s start with just one business bestie at a time! When I say “business bestie”, I’m talking about the people that can become collaborators, podcast interviews, people that shout out your stuff and not because you asked but just because they love you. Right now they might be potential clients, current customers, people you are buying stuff from or someone you might secretly stalk on social media. Shhh…it doesn’t matter! I am going to dive in deep to help you make real connections.

But before I get into it I want to share a story. I spoke at an event this past weekend and I ran into several people from my community and some of my clients who own my course Launched in 90. Now in case you didn’t know, all of my L90 clients get access to my live event but it doesn’t mean they all sign up. So I would run into someone and they would say, “oh I am so sad I can’t make it to the live event” and then on day 2, one person came up and said, I am looking at flights, I rearranged with my husband or I am asking my mother in law to watch the kids etc. Connecting with people is so undervalued in our business but I definitely think being in person is the #1 way to do that! I really hope you know the importance of in person versus online but I am going to give you tips for meeting people online as well!

 Step 1: Your Strategy

What’s your game plan? You desired end result? Who do you want to connect with and why? What is your focus in your business right now? Are you looking for collaborators, affiliates, podcast or live stream interviews, peers that could be in a mastermind, a mentor, potential clients? The list goes on and on! Your strategy is the foundation to connecting and you have to have a plan.

 What are some ways you can stay on top of your strategy?

  • Make a spreadsheet of these connections and start figuring out where they are and/or if you have a connection that can help make that connection. You may have to be observant or aka stalk them on social media to see friendships, etc.
  • It might be easier instead of starting from scratch to see who your current friends already know, talk to, mastermind with, interview, etc.
  • Ask them to help make a connection!

Step 2: Reaching Out

This is the step where you need to take action! One of my biggest needs about a year and half ago was feeling the desire to want to join a mastermind. Now I have the option to find a free one or a paid one but the problem was the free one wasn’t going to be at my level. In fact, I even did a paid one but I now realized I paid too little and it wasn’t what I was looking for either.

 Helpful tips:

  • Someone posted this quote that said “I like my paid friends better than my free friends” and I thought that was funny but is also true sometimes. I form such amazing connections with people in my mastermind and they have even become my closest friends.
  • Get out of your comfort zone! The rewards can be HUGE!
  • Go deeper with a few people versus connecting with everyone but not really making true connections. I am not saying you need 100 new friends this year but make 10 really deep connections that will give you more.

 Step 3: Find a connection or something in common.

Again,  if you have a mutual friend ask them for an introduction. If you don’t you may need to do your homework. Remember when I said check them out online? Figure out what they love and hate, where they live, where they are from, if they have kids, what their age is, what lights them up, their side passion, etc.

 Why do you need to know all of this?  

  • Having something in common will be a great way to kick off your conversation. Don’t just say “Hi”, you have to go deeper!
  • When you have found a personal connection, now go into your mission, life purpose, your passion, whatever it is that you have in common through business and the reason you are reaching out. But before you do….is there anything in it for them? Figure that out before you even reach out.
  • You shouldn’t ask them to promote you the first day you meet them. You build relationships and sometimes relationships can be fast tracked depending on your immediate connection.
  • If you want someone to promote your stuff, tag you on Instagram, mention you on their podcast, etc. you better start doing it for them ASAP! Ask how you can be of service or promote them and don’t assume you know what they need!! ASK THEM!

When people say this is so much harder than I thought, it’s usually because they have been doing it wrong the entire time. They just shoot an email that is a copy and paste and they have sent it out to 50 other people, or worse they are sending it out to 50 people at the same time and there is no personalization. If that is what you are thinking, then yes, it will be hard for you!

Now as I said before connecting in person is way easier than online and if you haven’t already registered for She’s Building Her Empire Live, make sure to get signed up! If you want to connect with other female entrepreneurs looking to build their relationships, guess where they will be? SBHE Live! Join us in Milwaukee, April 24-26, https://shesbuildingherempire.com/live