30 Day Quick Cash Injection

30 Day Quick Cash Injection

  We can all agree that we want to finish out 2020 strong.  Today, we are going to cover eight ways that you can give your business a quick cash injection. These eight tips will have your business making money in 30 days! 

What Is Your One Big Goal?

To start us out, write down one goal that you want to complete by December 31st, 2020. This goal should be related to finance and sales. What goal would get you where you want to be in 90 days? 

What Is Your One Thing Going To Be?

Knowing where you want to be at the end of the year and the number you want to obtain, what is the one thing you are going to focus on selling? This is your best-selling product.  Your bestseller is going to be what you focus on for the next 30 days to get you closer to that 90-day goal.  If you do not have a best seller right now, you need to make an educated guess and pick which product you believe would sell at the highest rate. 

Choose A Platform

The next thing you need to do is choose one social media platform you are going to go all-in on! A lot of business owners are on more than one platform. Sometimes, when we are on so many platforms, we can get distracted and the quality becomes not so amazing. If you had to go all-in on your best social media platform, what platform would it be? 

Pick One Customer

You may service multiple different types of clients over different industries. Right now, we need to choose which customer your best seller is most suited for. Which customer is going to benefit from your product the most?  When trying to relay a message to all types of clients, the wording and ideas can become unclear. Your sales will increase when you choose one type of client to go all-in with and show them how your best seller can help them!

Create Objections

It’s time to write out the 5 main objections for why people are not buying your product.  You need to acknowledge these worries! We want to make sure our customers feel seen and heard. 

Create Exciting Opportunities 

We came up with the objections and now it’s time to come up with 5 exciting opportunities that your product provides your customers.  They need to know not only that their worries have been addressed, but also that you are thinking ahead and can offer them more. 

Create Demand

What are 5 complimentary topics that create demand for your product? If someone is teaching how to create a sales funnel, they could also talk about copywriting and how good copy makes a funnel work even better.  What are things that are complementary to your best seller? 

Be A Myth Buster

Typically, there are common myths and beliefs about your product or services that people believe. Maybe it’s something like, “It takes one year to learn how to play the piano.” Your product should clearly show how you can learn to play in just 6 months.  List out 5 common myths or beliefs about your bestseller and how you can overcome these.  Let’s look at what we just created. Between all of the ideas that we just wrote down, there are over 20!  That’s four weeks of content to bring to the table! 

Once a week you can post an objection, a common myth, or something exciting or new about your product or service. You’ll have all of these amazing ideas to share!  It’s time to give more value where the call to action is very clear – buy my best seller!  Your content should be 80%-90% value to your customer and the rest selling.

At Foot Traffic Formula, our smaller offer that allows potential customers to warm up to us and try us out first is The Content Machine™. The offer is only $27 and it comes with a money-back guarantee. People can feel comfortable spending that money to see if they like us before jumping into Foot Traffic Formula! If you haven’t checked out  The Content Machine™ , take a look and see how it works.  

What’s a good low barrier entry that you can create to help your customers feel comfortable with you and feel like they are going to receive the most value? 

The more you give value the more you can sell!  Bring consistent and relevant content to your one chosen social media platform about your best-selling product and you will get that quick cash injection!