I believe so strongly in masterminds, that I actually joined two paid masterminds last year. One facilitated by Lewis Howes, and one by James Wedmore. And after sharing that information publicly, I have been asked more times than I can count what I thought of Lewis’ mastermind and which one did I like better? So today I am going to give you the answer BOTH of those questions!

“There is no reason this can’t be your year…” At minute 0:55 I’m telling you why masterminds are SO important and why you need to be thinking of joining one. Plus, I’m sharing one of the biggest takeaways I learned from being in Lewis’ mastermind and the insights to a private call with him.

“I feel like I needed to go through a challenge like that…” At 5:45, I tell you the truth about the retreats with this mastermind versus James Wedmore’s retreats and what I realized while being there. I’m telling you the honest opinion that Lewis gave me that I was not expecting and what he told me to do to get out of my comfort zone…you won’t believe it.

“I’m going to use all of it to my advantage…” At minute 20:50 I’m always making sure I can get my return on my investment and I’m sharing a few ways that happened in Lewis’ mastermind that I wasn’t expecting. I’m sharing my thoughts and takeaways from his live event, The Summit of Greatness.

“He genuinely wants to help people…” At 29:04, I’m talking about how Lewis showed me the importance of connecting and building report and find out how I’m on the way to believing I can do anything I believe that I can do.

You need someone to push you in your business and that’s exactly what Lewis did for me. There is nothing like finding a mastermind facilitator that you resonate with and being a part of the amazing group of people they bring together!