Have you taken a moment to sit down and plan your content for 2019 yet? No matter what type of business you have, if you want to be successful, you must have content. What if I told you I just planned out 6 months worth of content in ONLY 2 hours?!

How amazing would it feel if you could have all of your topics for the next six months planned out with purpose? (Hint, hint…content is the perfect way to lead to a conversation about your current program, offer or service…) Ready to hear how you can start planning your 2019 content quickly & effectively?!

“We wanted to have a reason for what we were doing…” At minute 4:50, I'm talking about how every business needs to be creating content and keeping it updated whether it's on our website or social media. I'm telling you how my team and I had the idea to prep 6 months of content in a short meeting.

“How can we put a different spin on it?…” At 5:32, I'm sharing how much content it takes to fill 6 months, how to find what your community wants to hear and how to give them more of that type of content plus how to put all of these ideas in the right order.

“What can you do to spice things up?…” At minute 11:30 Im talking about how to organize extra content that didn't fit in the 6 months and what we did that boosted our engagement on social media.

“This feels so much easier…” At 17:40 I'm giving you a quick steps on how to get started planning out your own content!

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