Welcome back to episode #312! A couple of weeks ago I was featured on Amy Porterfield’s podcast where I shared the inside scoop on how to grow your local business with online strategies!

Amy had been asked repeatedly if the online marketing strategies she teaches can be translated to the local brick and mortar small business, and she picked me to answer that question! I was honored! Now, you may have been wondering the same thing…Maybe you have a hair salon, a dance studio, a dentist office, a real estate agency, a pet grooming business.

The question is, how can you take the information of online marketing (list building, lead magnets, funnels, social media strategy) and use them effectively to get more customers into your physical storefront? Well, today is your lucky day!

If you missed my interview with Amy, I am airing it today on my show!

In this episode, you can expect to hear more about:

  • The most common struggle that brick and mortar businesses face and how to overcome that struggle and bring more customers in the door
  • The three customer attraction systems (funnels) that convert very well
  • Tips and strategies for getting lots of honest online reviews from your customers. My brick and mortar got 60 reviews in one week!
  • The 3 T’s of Funnel Success
  • ….And so much more!

P.S. It’s not too late…. Class #4 of The Profit Mastermind just started on Monday and it’s your last chance to jump in!! (I’m not sure when we will be offering this again – don’t miss your only opportunity to work in an intimate small group with me and 25 other women).