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I'm so excited to introduce you to Jennifer Allwood! Jennifer channels in on the work that she is truly passionate about, the work that fuels her and that kind of work is contagious. That kind of work attracts the multitudes… which is why she has about half a million people following her on social media! Now, a large following doesn't always equate to dollar signs, so today Jennifer is going to share with us how exactly she uses marketing to monetize her following and share her story of how she got to where she is today!

“It's taken so long to get here…” At minute 1:28, Jennifer shares her story, how she got into business and what her entrepreneurial journey looks like. Find out if her passion of her painting business would be the same if the profits were different or if it was still time for her to follow a new direction. We're talking about easy money vs following where your heart and passion are all while leading with integrity.

“We unknowingly position ourselves as an authority…” At 11:25, we're talking about if it's okay to completely change your passion and how Jennifer announced that to her following. Hear if Jennifer's positioning strategy and becoming a thought leader was intentional.

“Facebook live is the best thing to ever happen to introverts…” At minute 19:25 we're talking about all of the insights on Facebook lives, plus, should you be the face of your business?! Jennifer also shares a few tips for Instagram stories.

“Charge what you're work is worth…” At 29:09, we're diving into positioning and charging what you're worth. Get a look into how Jennifer handled her pricing strategy.

“Sometimes guilt can be a good thing…” At minute 36:09, I ask Jennifer if she has the the mom-guilt while being a working mom and how she gets through those feelings.

If you want to connect more with Jennifer, you can find her on social @jenniferallwood and be sure to check out her podcast The Jennifer Allwood Show!

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