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Welcome back to another episode of the Foot Traffic podcast! You’ve probably heard me talk about the Muse headband for over 2 years and today I get to interview the founder, Ariel Garten. Ariel is a psychotherapist, a neuroscientist, an entrepreneur and a mom. I’m a huge fan of this meditation practice and we are talking about why we should be doing meditation, how often, how long and so much more! Ariel even takes us through an activity that immediately clicked for me of why I do daily meditation practice. Let’s dive in!

“Meditation is the one thing that is really worth making time to do…” At minute 0:40, we’re talking about why meditation is important and how it can help high performers. Hear how you can add more time to your daily life just by meditating.

“You can actually change the contents of your thinking, you can change the relationship to your thoughts…” At 6:48, hear the story behind Muse and more of what it is from Ariel. Ariel is sharing her entrepreneurial journey and how meditation has played a role. Plus, can you be doing meditation wrong?

“I can move my mind somewhere else and try to see a new opening…” At minute 14:10, Ariel shares a tip that we can do to be aware and recognize our thoughts on a daily basis. Hear a few tips to get started with mediation, how long you should be doing it and how many times per week. Ariel shares the most important tip for meditating!

“The mindset of an entrepreneur is really one in which everything is possible…” At 19:38, we’re talking more about negative thoughts, imposer syndrome and fear of failure. How can we over come those barriers? Ariel takes us through a powerful exercise to kill our inner critic!

“I am good enough, I can do it, I am capable…” At minute 28:41 what can we do to be empowered in our own mind and go from the negative to the positive, how can we push our inner critic aside in daily life. what is to come for Ariel in the future, plus hear when we can start to teach this to our children

If you want to find more about Ariel you can find her on Instagram @ariels_musings, on Twitter @ariel.garten and be sure to check out her podcast, Untangle. To learn more about Muse, go to,

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