Welcome back!  We just wrapped up an amazing Plan 2 Profit Challenge in our Facebook group.

We spent 5 days digging deep into topics like, How to Find Your Proven Business Model, Why You Should Zone in on ‘The One’, Steps to Nail Your Theme, and The Strategy for Your 2020 Profit Plan.

There were tons of questions so I decided to go live in the Facebook group to answer them and I wanted to share my answers with you too!

Here are a few of the great questions I’m answering today:

1:49, The problem I have is what the key tasks are when you start, I’m someone who overcomplicates everything.

7:43, Is there a hierarchy, like you master your craft, get visibility, profitability then systemize?  

15:56, Is it realistic to have two focuses? 


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

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