Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Welcome back to another episode of Foot Traffic!  Today we are going to be talking about customer retention! Today I am joined by Casey Graham, the CEO of Gravy who is going to share the 4 step system to creating higher-paying and longer staying clients.

We all know the importance of converting leads into sales, but what about once they buy?  How do we keep them?  More specifically, how do we keep them paying the bills they have committed to pay? (Which can be one of the biggest headaches in the small business world).

The Mad Mom Principle…”  at 7:35 Casey explains the #1 reason people quit courses and programs.   So many customers are oblivious to what you, as a business owner, assume they already know.  As entrepreneurs, we have blinders on to the courses and products we create.  Casey talks about two software programs that will help you gain more insight on this topic.

The Magic Moment Principle..” at 13:15 Casey discusses the question you need to ask yourself in order to get your customers emotionally invested.  There is a very easy and simple something that you can implement to give your customers a win within the first week.

The Press Zero Principle…” at 19:10 talks about why human interaction is so important to consumers when they have an issue.  We chat about why this step is so crucial, even if you cannot immediately solve their problem.

The $0.55 Principle...” at 23:00 Casey explains the importance of taking the time to do non-scalable activities to really love on your clients.

If you want to learn more about Gravy head to  Casey and the team at Gravy are the answer to recurring revenue retention for businesses with subscriptions and memberships.  Let them know you are visiting from the Foot Traffic Podcast!

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