Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Today I'm doing an on-air coaching call with one of my past clients from The Foot Traffic Formula, Brooke Jefferson.   Brooke has been an absolute go-getter and action taker during the program and I can't wait for all of you to hear more about her.   Brooke is a family/lifestyle photographer, blogger, and podcaster from Oklahoma.    She's focused on transitioning from photographer to the education side of the business.  Keep listening to hear Stacy and Brooke on this on-air coaching episode.

“What is the best way to get more visibility…” at 2:50 Stacy coaches Brooke on ways to grow her podcast and get more visibility for her business.  Stacy provides a couple of quick strategies to get more traffic to specific platforms.

“The best tip I have for you…” at 6:40 Stacy provides her best tip for staying positive in the beginning stages of your business.

“What are some tips for launching and promoting…” at 7:28 Brooke asks Stacy what her best suggestions are for launching and promoting her new membership site.    Stacy gives examples of what she does and how it can help Brooke in her business.

What are you going to do to keep that focus in 2020…” 13:22 Stacy and Brooke chat about expanding teams and delegating to have a smooth and productive 2020.

You can find out more about Brooke on Instagram at @brookejanaephotography.   Don't forget to check out her podcast, Fram Your Way Photography on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere you can listen to podcasts.

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