Most of the time, they get a bad reputation for being boring.

After all, systems make running a business somehow predictable.

But whether they’re boring or not.

Systems exist in every single business.

While other entrepreneurs document their systems and processes…

Some only have them in their heads, which often leads to underperformance.


Because only when you document the best way to do something can you reap the full benefits of that system every single time.

In short…

The best results become repeatable.

In this episode of the Well-Oiled Operations Podcast, I put together five systems that will either save or make money for every business.

The Key Questions

  • What are systems?
  • How often should we check in on contractors and team members?
  • How can we automate the transition from prospect to client?
  • How can we get former clients back?

What You’ll Learn

  • The value of time audits
  • The process that sets the tone of your relationship with clients
  • How to consistently track your numbers
  • How to serve clients at a higher level with an upsell system

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