5 Organizational Tips for Working Parents with Kids in School

Organizational tips that will help you being a successful small business owner and keep life at home running like clockwork? I’ve got them right here!

In order to stay organized as a working parent, especially with kids in school, being intentional with these strategies and routines keep the day-to-day less stressful which means I have more mental energy for to-do list tasks and big ideas. 

5 Quick organizational tips for working parents with kids in school

1. On Sunday, have them pick out their outfits for every day that week so things go more smoothly in the morning.
The “batching” technique doesn’t just apply to business tasks. They need to get dressed everyday, right? Having them pick out all 5 outfits on Sunday saves so much time every morning and avoids wardrobe battles and hunting for that favorite pair of pants.
2. Prepare an activity or “busy bag” on Sunday for each child with things they can do during down times. Doing it all at one time and having this ready is a game changer.
Maybe the school day is over and you still have tasks to wrap up. A kit or bag with quiet activities kids can do when you need to both be busy for a while, gives you a longer stretch of time to tackle that to-do list.
3. Order online groceries every Saturday to be delivered Sunday so you can skip the grocery store, meal prep, and organize lunches.
Who really wants to make an extra trip to the grocery store during the week? Not me, that’s for sure! Getting the ordering, planning, and prepping done on Sunday for lunches and dinners makes the week so much easier.
4. Make a checklist or charts of your morning routine, so they can stay on track independently.
Even little ones can follow pictures instead of words. Making sure the kids can get themselves ready means you have more time to prepare for your day and you’re ready to go right after drop off.
5. Set boundaries around breakfast and let them know what they can have and what is off limits. Put healthy choices at eye level and in reach so they can get it themselves.
Surely I can’t be the only one who comes downstairs for the day to find the kids eating ice cream straight out of the tub for breakfast. Making a bin of their favorite (healthy) breakfast foods they can grab for themselves in the morning gets them fueled for the day and prevents power struggles.

These organizational tips and tricks have saved our sanity in the Tuschl household. When you start to implement these strategies, I’m sure you’ll see an uptick in your productivity. 

 5 BONUS Tips for High Performing CEO’s

 Change your habits, change your business, change your life

 Some of our biggest health benefits can come out of switching up something simple in our daily routines. ⁠

Try bell peppers instead of  chips when you make your famous onion dip and notice how much better you feel after snacking. ⁠

The same goes for our productivity. ⁠

When we swap out flying by the seat of our pants with being intentional, the results reveal a much happier, more productive YOU. ⁠

Successful CEOs understand the necessity of being intentional with every second of the day.

⁠Here are a few of the simple daily habits you need to rely on to be at your very best:⁠

  • Own your schedule⁠
  • Stop multitasking⁠
  • Take time to be mindful⁠
  • Get out of the comfort zone⁠
  • Eliminate chaos by staying proactively organized⁠

So instead of trying to fulfill a big resolution, let’s challenge ourselves to change just a few little things in our daily lives that can compound and improve our overall well being! For more inspiration, ⁠check out this post on 6 Organizational Hacks for your Business!