$500k from a podcast?! Yes. You read that right.

Today’s we’re talking about one of my favorite things … podcasting! My Powerhouse Plus client, Daniela, has grossed over half a million dollars in revenue from her podcast!

In this episode, I sit down with her to get the inside scoop on exactly how she accomplished over $500K in sales from her podcast. We also discuss why podcasting is one of the best marketing strategies for any type of business owner.

3 key points to look forward to:

  • We will be covering exactly how podcasting helped Daniela’s bottom line. This includes talking increased sales and decreased refunds, and how podcasting allowed her to connect authentically with her ideal consumer.

  • We explore the benefits of podcasting for brick and mortar businesses, and how including your own advertisements and announcing special promotions or partnerships brings in new and repeat business.

  • Finally, we share the systems that keep podcast producing running smoothly. There is a lot administratively that goes into publishing a podcast and Daniela has perfected how to keep everything organized.

Why you should listen:

Daniela is a self-proclaimed accidental entrepreneur who coaches spa owners. As a mom of two little ones with an active duty military husband, taking her business online has allowed her to stay in her industry and help others run successful spas.

There is so much in this conversation you can take away and apply to your own business and situation. Podcasting continues to grow in popularity and it’s an extremely effective (and fun) method of connecting with your ideal clients.

Do you have a podcast or plan to create one? DM me on Instagram @StacyTuschl and tell me about it.

Want to learn more about Podcasting check Daniela’s Purposeful Podcasting Course here: https://www.danielawoerner.com/a/2147494176/gAdqwAAm

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