Welcome back to the Well Oiled Operations podcast! Today we're talking about a must have skillset every person on your team needs. This skill is simply getting what you want, otherwise known as: sales. A lot of business owners tell me they feel funny about selling but selling should never be a negative thing, if you believe in your offer, your company, your team, you should WANT to sell.

Today I am going to cover:

  • Why it is important for every team member to be a sales person
  • How each position takes on a sales role and how it moves the needle forward
  • Benefits of having a sales forward mindset and not being afraid to sell
  • How a sales skillset can help to bring in new employees and retain your current ones
  • Combating buyers remorse with salespeople in your fulfillment department

If you’re not scaling as quickly as you’d like, it's probably because you haven't learned how to implement sales skills within your team. It's common for business owners to think they don't have to learn sales, they could just hire someone to sell. But learning this skill is an absolute must in order to scale your business.

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