Welcome back! Today I am talking with one of our amazing Powerhouse clients, Nicki Krawczyk. Nicki is a copywriting expert who has worked with companies such as Marshalls, Keurig, AT&T, the list goes on and on. After 20 years in the copywriting business, Nicki decided that she wanted to start a course to teach people how to become successful copywriters. She is celebrating 10 years in her business this year. She has been an incredible asset to my company as well which is actually how we met, Nicki used to write copy for my business and soon became one of our most successful clients. We are so grateful for her expertise and are extremely proud of her growth!

I talked with Nicki about:

  • Her systems in place that really helped launch her business even after years of struggle
  • Automating sales, working less while still making money
  • Having a predictable income
  • Biggest copywriting mistakes
  • Her journey through trial and error to finding what works and what consistently brings in a profit

For the first few years in business, Nicki tried everything to make it work. She will tell you that it was not an easy start. When she was first getting started she thought a really good product was enough, and quickly learned that wasn’t the case. It’s been a long journey but Nicki wants other entrepreneurs to know that growth IS possible. She shares all her secrets with you in this episode!

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