In this episode of the Well-Oiled Operations™ podcast, Stacy offers a timely discussion on balancing a booming business while enjoying a fulfilling summer. Packed with tips and practical advice, this episode is particularly beneficial for business owners torn between relaxation and the pursuit of their business goals.

Tune in to discover Stacy’s six practical strategies to balance work and play during the summer months. By following her advice on adjusting your schedule, prioritizing tasks, and delegating effectively, you can ensure that your business continues to prosper even as you take well-deserved breaks. 


Also in this episode:

  • Adjust your work hours to maintain productivity while enjoying more free time.

  • Identify and concentrate on tasks that deliver the highest returns.

  • Learn how to delegate tasks to your team to free up your time without sacrificing business performance.

  • Establish clear limits on your availability and communicate these to your team to preserve your personal time.

  • Create compelling, seasonal offers that attract customers during summer despite distraction



0:04 – Balancing Business Success and Enjoyment During Summer

3:02 – Maximizing Summer Productivity While Balancing Work and Personal Life

10:23 – Balancing CEO Perks and Responsibilities

12:54 – Setting Boundaries and Communication for a Well-Oiled Summer

18:16 – Leveraging Seasonal Opportunities for Business Growth in Summer

23:06 – Reward Yourself to Stay Motivated and Enjoy Your Work


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As a best selling author, speaker, and successful business owner, I empower small business owners to thrive. Through my Well-Oiled Operations™ approach, I assist entrepreneurs in attracting customers, increasing profits, and finding personal happiness. My proven process helps students overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and establish self-sustaining ventures—all while maintaining a balanced life. You shouldn’t sacrifice your well-being for your business; your business should enhance your life. I understand the worries and doubts you face, but trust me, your dreams can be realized. Let me guide you in transforming your local business into your ultimate vision, fostering tranquility, prosperity, and fulfillment.

The Well-Oiled Operations™ Podcast With Stacy Tuschl

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