The following is a previously published episode and one of our top episodes from 2021. Enjoy this fan favorite! 

Creating super fans is something Cathy Heller is an expert on. She radiates positivity through every word that she speaks… which is probably why she has a whole host of super fans who will vouch for her brilliance. If you are ready to feel seen, inspired, and encouraged – this is the episode for you.

Cathy hosts the podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which has over 17 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost, Inc Magazine, Business Insider and several times by Apple. Along with her popular podcast, Cathy’s book is also called Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which is all about turning passion into profits.

Some talking points from this episode include:

  • Cathy’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey

  • Building a loyal fan base

  • Realizing your purpose and how to lean into that

  • Pushing past fears to reach your full potential

  • Embracing the creative process and the great unknown

I loved this conversation so much that I had to go back and re-listen to make sure I took in all of the magic that Cathy had to share. Tune in and get ready to be uplifted and inspired to go after your passion in life. Enjoy!

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