The following is a previously published episode and one of our top episodes from 2021. Enjoy this fan favorite! 

Today’s episode features one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development, Jeff Lerner, and his story of resilience that is now inspiring millions.

Jeff started as a broke jazz musician and went on to produce over $50 million dollars in online sales, and is now focusing on educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of digital business.

Throughout the episode you will hear Jeff speak about:

  • His start as a high school dropout

  • Overcoming almost a half a million dollars of debt to producing $50 million in online sales

  • His tips on building million dollar businesses

  • Why everyone needs to raise their prices

  • The skill of digital marketing

… and so much more!

This episode will leave you inspired to keep pursuing your dream and give you tips to do it along the way. Enjoy!

Listeners can head to to check out Jeff’s podcast and order his free book, The Free Millionaire Shortcut, to discover how average people are becoming wealthy in the new economy.

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